Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Next Week

Tonight i feel very overwhelmed about all the things i need to do in the next week. I probably feel way more overwhelmed than i need to, but i am such a bubble head and am VERY bad with time management. It seems like i am always doing things, but never getting anything completed. I try to stay on task, but i usually get sidetracked with something else that needs my attention at the moment and then it all piles up on me. I knew that i had to have my political article critique done by next week, but i put it off. I knew that i had to attend and evaluate a town council meeting by next week, but i put it off. I knew that i had to do a case study for Theories class, but i put it off because i had two big tests to study for and i wanted to concentrate on that first--and now that is also due next week. To top it off, my theories teacher just added another assignment due next week and my Pol. Sci. teacher only gave us two weeks to come up with a 20-30 minute oral presentation on the first amendment--along with a poster board-also due next week. Of course, that is just school. All that would HAVE to fall right smack in the middle of my two children's birthday's (which are 4 days apart) AND my darling son wants a big birthday party for the first time in like 10 years, which i now have to shop and clean for. So, of course that is happening THIS weekend. Then there is the smaller things like a semi-clean house, making the family dinner, shopping for food. AND, let's not forget that i spend at least 4 hours a day schooling my youngest and about another 2 connecting with my other two when they come home from school and need help with schoolwork, social problems, and other teen-age things. The brakes need to get looked at, the dog needs to go back to the vet, the bills are just about done getting paid, but i need to spend some more time battling a phone bill with charges i did not authorize and getting the check book in order. All this in the next 6 days.

My husband asked me today, as he watched me trying to sort everything out, "is there anything i can do to help?" Have i not been telling him how he can help out for the past 17 years? If it hasn't happend up till now, it sho' aint gonna happen all of the sudden this week. I think his asking at this point is just lip service. But i digress.

On a lighter side--well, more positive, but it definately does not make my load any lighter--this afternoon at school, my human services teacher handed me an official inventation to become a part of the Human Services Organization Honor Society. AND he wants me to be an officer!! Man, i have been wanting to be in that organization since i started school, and it is by invitation only... Now, will i wear the HSO honor tassle on my graduation robe or my Phi Theta Kappa honor tassle, or both. He-He, such quandries :) But, seriously, i would love to do it, but i don't know if i can make that kind of commitment without pulling my hair out while smoke comes out of my ears. I could join the honor society and not get involved, just so i can have it on my resume, but that doesn't seem like the right thing to do. I told my teacher i would have to think about it. He told me to hurry, the application is due.............wait for it..............yep, you got week.

So, i have now gotten all this out of my head and onto my blog and can attempt to go to sleep. Have i told you how much i can't wait for summer? I can't wait till summer.

Tonight i am thankful for:

1. The internet which is chock full of information at my fingertips
2. My dog Stanley, cause he listens to me vent and licks my face.
3. The Bible-and the way the Lord uses it to speak to my heart and show me(and everyone else) his love and mercy and omnipotence. And it is a great history book too!

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  1. Shelly, My favorite part of your blogs is always at the end where you go over all the things you are thankful for. It always puts things into perspective doesn't it?

    Well, this sounds like a huge "crunch" week for you!I have some suggestions....even though you did not ask for them, lol...Some I will write here, some I will email to you.

    You are so like your Mom in the way you get so easily distracted and have difficulty staying on track! Looks like you are going to HAVE to come up with a game plan that will help you. My suggestion would be to work at NOT seeing the mountain of stuff needing to be done, but take ONE task at a time and stay with it until it is complete. Of course, with your studies, you can't do that but perhaps you can allot yourself a certain period of time for each subject. For the household stuff, I will email some suggestions but the same principle applies. Take one task at a time until it is complete. Since you have such a short time for certain things to be done (ie. Matt's party), do not get involved in projects. Just do the necessary cleaning to accomplish a semi neat place so the kids coming can have some room to hang around, goof off and make you even more of a mess to clean. ha!

    Congrats on the invitation to the HSO and being asked to be an officer. It is a great opportunity for you if you can make the time to fulfll the obligations that go along with the position. Find out how much would be expected from you and how many hours it would include.

    Okay, I will stop sounding like a Mother now and instead will sound more like your Mommie and tell you how very much I love you and miss you and just can't wait to see you again! Ten weeks and counting!!!