Monday, March 30, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook for March 29th

FOR TODAY March 30, 2009

Outside my window...It's all dark as it is 11:30 at night. It was cold today and i'm wondering if spring will ever show up.

I am thinking... I have to go to bed, and i forgot to put the dog's ear-drops in tonight.

I am thankful for... Sleep and the opportunity to start a brand new day every 24 hours.

From the learning rooms... We have finished our science lapbook on ecosystems and are waiting for a nice day to put it together because the glue smells bad and we need to open a window. Rachel is doing great in math and for the first time ever it has become her favorite subject. We are studying Israel in the time of David in history and Bible and i am looking to get her a new writing curriculum. There are so many things i want to do with her and so little time. I am looking foward to summer when i can take the time to plan for next year.

From the kitchen...It's a mess as usual. No other comment tonight :(

I am p.j.'s

I am creating...I should be creating a new chore chart (see above answer to kitchen question)

I am going...Crazy. No, just kidding. Tomorrow I am going to meet with my group for the political science oral project we have coming in next week. I'm going to school on Wednesday. I'm going to get my brakes checked Friday.

I am reading...Still reading Ted Dekker-Adam and the trilogy Black, Red and White. Just picked up Blessed Child from Good Will and Tim Lahaye's End Times book and of course i am not really reading any of those books because i am reading my school books and Rachel's school books. Did i mention i can't wait for summer?

I am hoping...That the meeting i have with my group tomorrow will go good. I don't really know these people and i don't know what i will do about this project on the First Ammendment. I need to spend tomorrow afternoon researching it.

I am hearing...The T.V. is on the show Medium and it's kind of scary as all the lights are off and i am the only one up.

Around the house...Messy Messy Messy. I have no time to clean :(

One of my favorite things... Right now my favorite thing is a day where i have NOTHING to do. Just sit on my keister and watch movies all day. Of course i know that after a full day of doing that, i feel crappy, but that really is what i would like right now. (No, i don't mean i would like to feel crappy, i meant i want to sit and watch movies all day and not worry about all the things that are not getting done :))

A few plans for the rest of the week: Meeting tomorrow, Pay bills tomorrow, School Weds., Start theories paper and political science article critique Thursday, shop for Matt's birthday party Thursday, clean house of Friday and do more of above papers, Saturday Matt is having a BUNCH of his friends coming over to celebrate his Birthday, Saturday i am working on my papers and hopefully getting my brakes done, Sunday church, youthgroup and rest. Have a good week!!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...I found this picture of my girls and i thought it was a great picture and they are 2/3 of the reason i keep going with a smile on my face even when i feel down.
If you want to blog about your day, here is the link to the simple womans daybook

Have a great week and wish me luck with mine

Today i am thankful for:

1) Sleep

2) Warm Days

3) Make-up

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Phi Theta Kappa Night

Today was a good day!! I was so nervous about being inducted into Phi Theta Kappa and going up on stage in front of all those people, especially since i missed out on the practice session last weekend. I didn't really want to go tonight because i really don't like people's attention on me. Even when i was growing up, i was uncomfortable on Christmas day because i knew people were watching me as i opened gifts, and it made me uncomfortable. But, my husband loves things like public recognition for a job well done, including his wife getting recognized, so i did not want him to miss out on the oportunity to pat me on the back :). Just kidding, but i do know that I need to face my fears and do things that are uncomfortable to me if i ever want to move foward, so i went. It wasn't bad at all. I went shopping this morning for a nice "business type" outfit to wear and i got a nice pair of black slacks and a pretty top to wear. I felt pretty good in it. I went to the school to meet with the other inductees early, and Erin went with me to help calm my nerves by talking my ear off about teen-aged girl stuff while we waited. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a woman i have known from a couple of other classes that we have together who was there also; so then i did not feel as nervous, and i had a peer to talk to. So, we all went into the conference area,

sat down, listened to a speech,

and then it was time to go up on stage, one by one. We had to go up on stage when they called our name, sign the membership book,

light our candle, take a rose, and shake hands with a couple big-wigs. Of course, i got the getto candle that would not light correctly and went out before i walked off the stage,

but it made my kids laugh, so its all good:) After that, there was a little reception, but i was so hungry that we went out to dinner right after it was over instead. So, i am now an official member of the honor society Phi Theta Kappa and i get to wear the pin, do service projects, make new friends, and be recognized for my good grades.

Oh, yeah, i just found out that i got a 104 on my political science test that i took last night!! I feel really good about that because it is a hard subject and i studied very hard for that test. Now i have to put together a 20 minute oral presentation on the first ammendment with 2 of my classmates, which is something i really don't want to do, but i'm sure it will work out better than i think it will, it usually does.

So, i'm bushed and am going to bed. This day was all about me today-- and i am totally ready to make it all about someone else tomorrow!

Today i am thankful for:

1. Kohls (department store where i got my dress clothes)

2. My husband, who loves to shower me with praise and makes me feel good about me.

3. My husband's job that provides us with enough income for me to go get dressy clothes the day i need them. In this economy, it is a blessing that Steve is doing well and has not lost his job. Thank you Lord.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thoughts and Udates

Well, it has been a long time and just so my family and friends do not think i dropped off the face of the earth, i figured i should take some time and post something.

I have not really felt like myself for a couple of weeks so i have just been kind of going through the motions. This is probably due to hormones and most likely due to some physical problems i have been having-- along with a change in the medication i have been taking for achalasia for the past 5 years. I am going back to the doctor today to get back on my regular meds. There was a state shortage over here of the meds i usually take, and i am praying that i can try again to get my regular meds filled. This whole thing has made me wonder if i put too much faith in my medicine and not enough on God. Rachel and I are studying I Samuel and my heart and mind are stuck on what God told Samuel to make Samuel feel better after Israel asked for a King. He told Samuel "They are not rejecting you as leader, Samuel, they are rejecting Me". It has made me think about how I reject God as my leader and replace His divine leadership over my life and the decisions i make with other things that I believe are better for me. I know in my heart that whatever happens in my life, God is in control, and to a certain extent i find alot of peace in that. But sometimes, I fear that God's way of doing things will cause me some kind of pain, and i hop off that bus and appoint my own Kings and do my own thing.

So, even though i have not felt that great in over a week, i know this will not last forever and in the end it will all be ok, because i CHOOSE to trust that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him. And I love Him. And I choose to trust Him. I may not like how He brings me from here to there, but I trust Him.

Anyway, as an update, Rachel is doing great lately in school and she is whizzing past her subjects in about half the time she did when we first started. I think i may have to add some things to make our day longer, and i need to get her into some extracurricular activities to get her out of the house, but it is going pretty good.

Today is the first day Erin is allowed to drive by herself, so i let her take my car to school. Man, talk about putting your child in the hands of the Lord. I am so nervous. So far, i know she got to school ok cause she texted me when she got there. This is an exciting time for Erin, and Steve and I feel very old. She is a great young lady and is very responsible so i am not as worried as i could be--but i still don't like this new freedom of hers. Of course, i would not tell her that. She is working hard to save up to buy a car for herself and once she does, i'm sure she will be out all the time. Even so, she is my baby and it feels like just yesturday she was dancing to a Big Bird video in front of the t.v. Where does time go?

Matt is doing good also. He really enjoys school, which is a relief cause when he first started Middletown High he hated it. But, now he has a ton of friends, a girl friend who DRIVES, and is falling in love with his drama class. He actually is thinking about not playing football next year so he can get involved in the fall play. How's that for turn-of-events? No matter what he does-I will be very proud of him. He is such a great kid, sometimes i wonder why my mothers threat of me having kids who were the same as i was never came true. God FORBID i have a teen-ager who is like what i put my parents through. I think God knows that i am not strong enough to have a kid like me and He knows i could not deal with the things my mother and father had to deal with (have i told you mom and dad how sorry i am for those years? this is me telling you again).

So, that's about it today. I need to go put my face on and get out of here. I have 2 papers and 2 big tests to study for. I am getting inducted into the College Honor Society (Phi Theta Kappa) on Thursday and i will need to keep my grade point average over 3.33. Nothing under a B plus. Have i mentioned i do not like political science? Well, i don't. But i do like theories of counseling, so i guess it evens out. Wish me luck.
Have a great week.

Today i am thankful for:
God's love for Me
God's patience with me
The parent's God allowed me to have

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Week

Once again i have not posted in quite a while. Last time i did post, i was about to go away for a few days, which i did. Wednesday the 25th I was still feeling pretty sick and i had to pack for Florida and go to school. So, i pushed through my ill, tired feelings and got ready for my trip, then i went to school and took a Theories test. I got a 98 :). Thursday, we woke up at 4 am, got ready and drove to Philly to catch our plane. We made it through the airport just fine--Steve helped me check in and did not leave me until we got through security. I don't like airports and am always scared i will do something wrong. Our flight to Dallas was uneventful. Rachel was VERY scared when we first lifted off but by the time we landed, she was loving it. Our flight from Dallas to Pensecola, Florida was a little rough in the landing. I was very scared and singing the Hymn "Then sings my soul" for the whole plane to hear, but Rachel was having fun saying "weeeee". The plane was soo small, we were up front and felt every bump! I was grateful to land. So, Thursday my sister and I hung out together and had a great time talking, laughing and catching each other up on our lives. I was so tired my legs felt they were on fire, but after a good night sleep not only were they better, but i no longer felt ill! Friday we went to my mom's house and then went to the commons in Destin, which is like an outside mall. Mom took us (Me, Rachel, Kathy and her daughter Erica) out to Jonny Rockets (a fifties style diner) for lunch and then we went shopping. It was a great day with beautiful weather. Kathy, me and Stephanie (Kathy's oldest daughter) spent the evening sitting outside and talking about love, life, and longings. It was a great night. Saturday, Me, Kathy, and the kids went family hopping. We went to my Uncle Brian and Aunt Dianne's house and had a nice visit surrounded by their many happy dogs! It was nice catching up with them. Then we went to my cousin Beth's house and celebrated her birthday (she is my age, we grew up together and i miss her dreadfully). It was great to see her and her family and her rabbit, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, turtles and bird :). There is never a dull moment at my cousin's house and i always have a good time when i am there. Saturday night me and Rachel stayed at my mom and dad's house so we could spend some quality time together. It was great being able to just sit, relax and soak up being with my mom and dad. I miss them too much. Sunday, Rachel, me and Erica went to church with my parents. I like their church, especially the praise and worship, and i love being able to share in worship with my is a blessing. I rode home from church with my dad in his Mustang. LOVE THAT CAR. Love my daddy too :). Sunday afternoon, the whole family (those i have already mentioned and also Don, Kathy's husband, Brittney and Kimberly, Kathy's other daughters and Jayden , Kimberly's precious son) along with one of my other cousins, Josh--Uncle Brian's son, all came over my mom's house to celebrate Kimberly's 20th birthday. It was a great day of family and fun, and it was COLD. Much too cold for Florida. It was a great end to a great weekend to be able to spend time with the whole family together. Monday, Kathy took us out to lunch (Thank you Don) and drove us to the airport. And off we went. The flights coming home were great and even though the first flight was delayed on account of snow, the second one was not and we were able to come in on time. The Lord kept us safe and I thank Him for that.
Tuesday, it was back to work and Rachel and i went back to schooling. We are a bit behind in science and history and we need to catch up. But, more on that later. Yesturday i went to school and found out I have been invited to be a member of Phi Theta Kappa, which is an international college honor society!! Membership is through invitation only and you must have a 3.5 grade average to be a member. Through this, their are many scholarship opportunities and honors and we get to graduate with a gold sash to show that we are all honor students. They also do public service activities which my children and huband can participate in and being a member will look great on a job application. I feel honored and will be inducted as a member on March 26. I am excited. It feels like a reward for my hard work and i am looking foward to making some new connections and doing the public service activities and making new friends.
So, now we are up to today, and i am soo tired i just want to go to sleep, which is what i will do as soon as i am done here. I had a great long weekend and feel refreshed and hopeful. In three more years or so we are planning on moving down there as long as the Lord does not have other plans for us. I need to be with my family. So, today was back to normal with me running around trying to get things done. I have so much to do and it seems like the day is over an hour after it begins. But, as i said before--that's ok. It's better than being bored and lonely.
So, today i am thankful for:
1. The Lord keeping us safe this past week.
2. The family the Lord has put me in.
3. My sister and how she spoils me :)

Thank you Lord!!