Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Week

Once again i have not posted in quite a while. Last time i did post, i was about to go away for a few days, which i did. Wednesday the 25th I was still feeling pretty sick and i had to pack for Florida and go to school. So, i pushed through my ill, tired feelings and got ready for my trip, then i went to school and took a Theories test. I got a 98 :). Thursday, we woke up at 4 am, got ready and drove to Philly to catch our plane. We made it through the airport just fine--Steve helped me check in and did not leave me until we got through security. I don't like airports and am always scared i will do something wrong. Our flight to Dallas was uneventful. Rachel was VERY scared when we first lifted off but by the time we landed, she was loving it. Our flight from Dallas to Pensecola, Florida was a little rough in the landing. I was very scared and singing the Hymn "Then sings my soul" for the whole plane to hear, but Rachel was having fun saying "weeeee". The plane was soo small, we were up front and felt every bump! I was grateful to land. So, Thursday my sister and I hung out together and had a great time talking, laughing and catching each other up on our lives. I was so tired my legs felt they were on fire, but after a good night sleep not only were they better, but i no longer felt ill! Friday we went to my mom's house and then went to the commons in Destin, which is like an outside mall. Mom took us (Me, Rachel, Kathy and her daughter Erica) out to Jonny Rockets (a fifties style diner) for lunch and then we went shopping. It was a great day with beautiful weather. Kathy, me and Stephanie (Kathy's oldest daughter) spent the evening sitting outside and talking about love, life, and longings. It was a great night. Saturday, Me, Kathy, and the kids went family hopping. We went to my Uncle Brian and Aunt Dianne's house and had a nice visit surrounded by their many happy dogs! It was nice catching up with them. Then we went to my cousin Beth's house and celebrated her birthday (she is my age, we grew up together and i miss her dreadfully). It was great to see her and her family and her rabbit, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, turtles and bird :). There is never a dull moment at my cousin's house and i always have a good time when i am there. Saturday night me and Rachel stayed at my mom and dad's house so we could spend some quality time together. It was great being able to just sit, relax and soak up being with my mom and dad. I miss them too much. Sunday, Rachel, me and Erica went to church with my parents. I like their church, especially the praise and worship, and i love being able to share in worship with my is a blessing. I rode home from church with my dad in his Mustang. LOVE THAT CAR. Love my daddy too :). Sunday afternoon, the whole family (those i have already mentioned and also Don, Kathy's husband, Brittney and Kimberly, Kathy's other daughters and Jayden , Kimberly's precious son) along with one of my other cousins, Josh--Uncle Brian's son, all came over my mom's house to celebrate Kimberly's 20th birthday. It was a great day of family and fun, and it was COLD. Much too cold for Florida. It was a great end to a great weekend to be able to spend time with the whole family together. Monday, Kathy took us out to lunch (Thank you Don) and drove us to the airport. And off we went. The flights coming home were great and even though the first flight was delayed on account of snow, the second one was not and we were able to come in on time. The Lord kept us safe and I thank Him for that.
Tuesday, it was back to work and Rachel and i went back to schooling. We are a bit behind in science and history and we need to catch up. But, more on that later. Yesturday i went to school and found out I have been invited to be a member of Phi Theta Kappa, which is an international college honor society!! Membership is through invitation only and you must have a 3.5 grade average to be a member. Through this, their are many scholarship opportunities and honors and we get to graduate with a gold sash to show that we are all honor students. They also do public service activities which my children and huband can participate in and being a member will look great on a job application. I feel honored and will be inducted as a member on March 26. I am excited. It feels like a reward for my hard work and i am looking foward to making some new connections and doing the public service activities and making new friends.
So, now we are up to today, and i am soo tired i just want to go to sleep, which is what i will do as soon as i am done here. I had a great long weekend and feel refreshed and hopeful. In three more years or so we are planning on moving down there as long as the Lord does not have other plans for us. I need to be with my family. So, today was back to normal with me running around trying to get things done. I have so much to do and it seems like the day is over an hour after it begins. But, as i said before--that's ok. It's better than being bored and lonely.
So, today i am thankful for:
1. The Lord keeping us safe this past week.
2. The family the Lord has put me in.
3. My sister and how she spoils me :)

Thank you Lord!!


  1. Michele,
    Great Post. Now I am all caught up with what you did in Florida. I missed you.

    We did not get to church last week because of the snow and a problem we had with the car. I will also not be at church this coming Sunday because I am going to PA to visit my Mom, we have hair cuts scheduled. Every 3rd time that my Mom and Sister have hair cuts my Mom gets a perm. My sister Chris works on Sat. and cannot wait for Mom to get her perm so they schedule me for a haircut and I go up to PA on Friday. Sat. Morning I drive my Mom's car and my sister takes her car and we have breakfast at McDonald's, go get our hair cut, when my sister is done she leaves, I wait for Mom, I drive her home. Sometimes we stop for needs she has at Walmart or elsewhere, my sister hates taking my Mom shopping and has little time to do it since she works 6 days plus has a cleaning job she and her husband do one evening. Sometimes we do something special Sat. night since my sister and her husband are always out with friends and sometimes we just stay at her place and watch t.v. We usually eat out for lunch or dinner on Sat. Then Sunday I go to church with my Mom and then wait for Court to come pick me up.

    Well that comment is almost a post of my own... sorry about that.

    Gotta get going. I have to get the boys moving and get school started and my day going... and... well you know... busy......busy.....busy!!

    Love Ya,

  2. Michele.
    A LOOOOONG time ago I did a post where a friend of mine interview me and I posted the answers on my blog. You commented on my blog that you would like me to interview you for your blog... and I finally got yours and my dd Rachel's questions done today...

    If you want to refresh your memory on what my post was that you commented on you will find it here...

    just copy and paste the above link into a new tab/window to read that post on my blog...

    Anyway... here are your questions... I will be watching for your answer and will do a post about it when you get done to send some of my friends over to your blog.

    ok... here they are... ready???

    1. Tell us a little about your upbringing and background so others can get to know you better.

    2. What have been the highlights of your life so far... or what are the most memorable moments from your life so far?

    3. I know you are currently in college. What would you dream job look like once you are done college and looking for work?

    4. What are the advantages in homeschooling your daughter Rachel? advantages for you ... advantages for her. Are there any disadvantages for you or for her? or you could call them pro's and con's

    5. What is your favorite book? The Bible Does Not Count!!! What is your favorite book other than the Bible? What is your favorite Movie?? can you pick just one?? What is your favorite color? Favorite Ice Cream? Dessert? Food? Got any other favorites... share them too.

    Well those are your five questions... and here is the way you start your post so that others can do it too... like your Dad... hint...hint... if he wants to.

    Can I fire 5 questions attcha?!
    Let me tell you how this works.

    You put a comment on this post that says you'd like to be interviewed. I get to come up with the questions. I'd love to interview you for your blog! You answer your interview questions, like I have done below... and the chain continues...

    now copy and paste the introduction above into a new post then copy and paste the questions in and then answer them... if you have any trouble... just call!!!

    Can't wait to read your answers... oh and please put a link to my blog in your post... if you need help with that just call. I can talk you through any troubles over the phone.

    Love you,

    P.S. you changed the background of your post again didn't you? I like this if fits you!!

  3. oops in the first paragraph that should be interviewed not interview.... LOL


    or brain fog...