Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feeling Sick :(

Well, it's been a whole week since i posted anything so here i am. I have been ultra busy and if i was not busy, i have been sick! I really feel awful. Sunday i spent the whole day on the couch feeling dizzy and nauseaous (sp?). The next day (yesturday) was better, but last night i felt awful again. Today i feel yucky and tired and nausea again. I really, really hope this thing passes by tomorrow, cause i still have to pack for Florida :) and go to school. I BETTER feel better by Thursday cause that is when Rachel and i will be going to Florida and i WILL NOT be sick. I refuse! Mind-over-matter.

So, i missed church and growth group this week, but Rachel got to go snow tubing on Saturday with her youth group. The house is awful cause if i don't do it-- or stand over those who are supposed to do it--, it does not get done. And i'm too tired to do either. I can only imagine the mess i will come home to on Monday after Florida. Sometimes i wonder how bad it would get if i said nothing about everybody cleaning up after themselves, or doing chores. The bad thing about having a hubby who doesn't care if the house is super clean is having a hubby who doesn't care if the house is clean--or dirty. So, i am the only one who cares if we live in a pig sty or not. And since i am just too tired and nauseatious (sp?) to actually do it (or tell someone else to do it)-it's a mess. But whatever, that is an on-going battle that i lost a loooooong time ago.

So, i just finished Rachel's schooling about an hour ago. We have not done science for the past couple of days but we were enjoying doing the lapbook on ecosystems. We wanted to have alot more finished by now, but it has been a rough couple of days. I got a lapbook to start doing on I Samuel, which we will be reading soon. And I got a bunch to do on ancient civilizations-America, China, India, Greece, Egypt, Rome and so on. Actually those are notebooking pages, but there is not much difference. I also got a lapbook on Greek and Roman Mythology and won a super membership to Hands of a Child site, which should be kind of neat. Rachel enjoys learning things hands on, so this stuff should work out nicely. Right now she already knows more about ecosystems from doing that lapbook than she ever would have learned in public school and she kind of likes it--which is saying alot when it comes to her.

Well, i am going to go start packing, get my hair cut, check out the sale at Good Will (50% off all clothing!!), study for my theories test, then go to bed. I just wanted to post this real quick so you all could pray for me to feel better soon. I'm kind of worried. If i don't post tomorrow, i will when i come back from Florida.

Today i am thankful for:

(this is hard cause i feel soooo yucky)

1. Lapbooks

2. Medicine

3. Sleep


  1. I (we) will definitely be praying for you to feel better. This is the 2nd time you have been feeling nauseous (correct spelling,lol). Have you been eating regularly? I sound just like a mom don't I? That is because I am one! HA! Love you!!!! Get better! That's a order!

  2. Michele,
    I hope you are feeling great today and can get all the prep done for Florida. I missed you at church and I will miss you this week also since you will be in Florida. Have a Great time!! Don't worry about the house it will be there when you get back...LOL and you can "whip those kids" (just kidding) into getting it cleaned up with you and not do it all yourself.

    Hey, Furman Family, if you read your mom's blog (and you should) Debbie says clean the house up and surprise your mom when she gets back from Florida. Maybe that will help Michele!!! LOL Probably not since I don't hold any influence over your kids... but I tried. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa could ask them and they would do it for you!!! LOL

    Well, I digress. I hope you are feeling better than wonderful today and for weeks to come. That you have a great flight and a great time at your parents and that you come back refreshed and ready to finish out the school year.

    So great to hear all you are doing in lapbooking and
    WHERE did you win a Super membership to HOAC. That is GREAT!!! You will get lots of great stuff on there to lapbook. Make sure you check out the other freebies button on the Super Member site, there are lots of extra's in there.

    Have a Great Weekend.