Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunday Stealing

Today's meme is hosted by Mr. Lance over at Sunday Stealing. Since he is not feeling well enough to post a new sunday stealing this week, i chose to do last week's Sunday Stealing instead. You can find this meme here:
Have any memories that you’d like to forget?
PLENTY! Actually, i work hard to forget some pretty bad memories on a weekly basis. Most of these bad memories have to do with me being less than stellar as a wife and mom during times of deep depression that i suffered ten years ago. I have to believe that I can not change the past and so the best i can do is be the best wife and mom for the next ten years and not dwell on the past mistakes i have made and the past hurts i have suffered!

Is there someone you really like to hang out with and just talk about stuff?
My mom! We can talk for hours, and even though we pretty much have the same mind-set, she still has much more wisdom and experience than i do, so i enjoy listening to what she has to say and hear her take on things. Plus, she is fun to hang out with and makes me laugh and feel good about life in general!

Have you ever been called prince or princess?
Hmmm....actually, i can't remember being called princess.

Do you think teenagers are weird?
 Not at all! I think teenagers are living through some of the hardest times in their lives and are not often equipped to deal with the things that they face on a daily basis. They don't have the experience and wisdom that adults have, but still have to deal with adult situations. So, no, i think teens are brave, resilient, funny, frustrating, loving, sarcastic, and strong. But not weird.

How fast does your mood change?
Ugh! My moods change so fast that i have learned to NOT rely on how i FEEL at any given moment. If i feel anything very strongly, i have learned to wait a few hours and see if the feeling is still there. If it is, it needs to be dealt with. But often, the strong feeling that was killing me a few hours ago is gone or changes if i just wait a bit.

How are you feeling?
A bit restless. I have been feeling like i need to be doing SOMETHING. But most of the time i just feel bored. Unless i am at work, but that is only twice a week. The rest of the week i really need to come up with something more productive to do than cleaning house and watching tv and being on the computer.

Do you want someone to call you right now?
 No way, i hate the phone! In fact, i hardly ever even have mine near me and most of the times it's not even on, lol. I do like to Facebook chat though if that counts.

What do you always take with you?
Well, i usually take my purse, but as long as i have my sunglasses, my cigs, a lighter, and my license and debit card, i'm good. My purse has waaaaay more stuff in it, but most of it is not necessary. 

Is your bed comfortable?
NO WAY!! Our bed is sooooo old and there are people-sized "trenches" on each side, lol. Since my hubby snores, i spend many nights on the couch, which is even less comfortable than my uncomfortable bed. Needless to say, next time we come into some money, we need to buy a bed....and a couch!

Would you say you’re an understanding person?
I actually would. I really put a lot of effort into trying to understand the motives and/or ideas of other people whom i may not agree with....and even if i still don't agree, i pretty much just live and let live without trying to change their way of thinking OR feeling bad that my way of thinking is not the same. Unless of course there are issues of which case, no,....i am not very understanding at all.

Are you generally a happy person?
Yes! I can say that I am :-) Mostly because i spent sooooo much of my life being an UNhappy person, that now i can see what happiness really looks like. Once i really understood that happiness is NOT dependent on my circumstances but more on an inner peace and confidence, I worked toward that end. And now, yes, things are not always great, but i can say that i am generally a happy person :-)

Who’s in your facebook profile picture with you?
Nobody but my camera, me, and a mirror, lol

Were you single on Valentines Day?
I've been married for over twenty years, so no i haven't been single on valentines day for a very long time. However, it is not my favorite "holiday" so we don't really make a big deal.

What is the last movie you watched?
 The last movie i watched in the theater was Les Mis i think. I didn't really like it. I saw The Hobbit and loved that! I haven't really seen that many movies lately at home.

Do you listen to songs when you’re done?
When i'm done what? lol, i don't get this question..if it's when i'm done watching the movie, than no...i beat a quick exit from the theater.

How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
OMG, it takes me forever!!! I usually will lay down around ten, but don't really fall asleep till around 11:30 or so. About an hour and a half is normal for me to fall into a real sleep.

Are you talkative?
It depends on my mood. If i am in a good mood, yeah, i guess i am talkative. Or if i don't really know what to say than i just kind of babble. But if i'm in a pensive mood or listening to someone else being talkative, than no..i'm pretty quiet.

What are your St. Patty's day plans?
Well, since this is an old meme and St. Patty's day is over, it doesn't apply anymore, but no i had zero plans for St Patty's day because, like Valentine's day, we don't really celebrate it.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Question Friday

Joining another meme today just to get something on my blog again for this month :-)
It's five question Friday! And if you want to join this meme, you will find it here:

1. What advice would you give a newly married couple?I would advise a newly married couple to take their time, to not think they have to have it all figured out right away, to be patient. To be open to new experiences, new ideas. To remember that "it's not about me" anymore. To always make sure that they always talk to one another no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. Marriage can be so hard, and if you don't learn to talk to one another, honestly talk, than it just gets harder. 

2. Who does more laundry around your house?We all do our own laundry, but i probably do mine most often. Most of the family waits until they have loads and loads to do, but i tend to do mine as soon as the their are enough towels and my clothes to do a load.

3. What items, if any, do you prefer to buy organic or make yourself?I haven't jumped on the organic wagon yet...probably never will. I do prefer to make my own desserts instead of buying store-bought junk, but mostly cause it's cheaper to make it. 

4. What book/TV series would you recommend for a friend on bedrest?Oh, that's easy...Dr. Who!! I love this series and am so glad i found it on netflix last summer when i was bored! Oh, and Torchwood, which was written by the same people as Dr. Who.

5. So, they say it's Spring now...what does your "spring" look like at this very moment?

It is still cold! I am soooooo over this weather and i heard that we will NOT be seeing any warmth for quite some time...ugh! But, soon enough i will probably be complaining about the heat, lol. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook for March 11, 2013

FOR TODAY March 11, 2013

Outside my window... Dark and not tooo cold. It was kind of nice for the past three days. But i'm not getting too excited yet. The sun hasn't really been out for more than a day or two. I am looking forward to spring!

I am thinking...I am glad that the spring musical is over, but i find myself already bored, lol. I keep thinking that tomorrow is a work day and getting kind of sad when i realize it is not. I am really not inspired by cleaning and cooking anymore, though i do it because it has always been my job to do so...and because if i don't, we will all be hungry and be living in a messy house!

I am thankful...for the opportunity to be a blessing to others that my job has given me, and the same goes for working with the kids after school during musical season. There are so many opportunities to be a blessing to others out there! May i remember that being a blessing at home is just as important!

In the kitchen...I made tacos tonight :-) I'm not real sure what i will make tomorrow...probably chicken. Wed and Thurs i don't cook, but i may do some baking of brownies/cookies/muffins...maybe.

I am wearing...Jeans, flannel shirt, black sweater to keep warm. Almost ready to get the p.j's on.

I am creating...Hmmm....ummm...i don't think i'm creating anything right now...maybe some good memories?

I am going...Nowhere tomorrow...will probably do my weekly chores ( floors, bathrooms, dusting, laundry ect) Work Wednesday and Thursday...out to dinner with hubby on Saturday, probably church on Sunday. Pretty boring week, lol

I am wondering...If I will get the job that I want...i should know within the next month. If i don't, i'm wondering what my next step should be.

I am reading...I have a bunch of books on my kindle and in my bedroom that i have started on, but none of them have held my interest for long. I have mostly been reading magazines, blogs, ect..things that i can read at fifteen minute clips. I haven't had much time for more than that. Maybe now that things have settled down i'll pick a book and start getting serious about reading it.

I am hoping...That one day i will see my loved ones at peace and happy for more than a couple of days. I mean--have REAL peace and happiness that does not depend on circumstances

I am looking forward to...Going to FLORIDA in about two weeks!!!! I can't wait..i haven't seen my florida family for almost six months and i miss them so much it's like a physical ache!

I am separate myself from negativity that i can not control.

Around the house...well, like i said before, i have chores to catch up on. Not as much as i did last week, but some things need to be taken care of. So that's my plan for tomorrow.

I am prayer life, or lack thereof, and what i need to do to be more consistent.

A favorite quote for today.... .".It is one thing to find great meaning in something for yourself.  It is an entirely different thing, to take away someone else's personal experience from them because it did not meet your imagined  perfect standard.  We may be well educated in one area, and we may feel we have it all figured out, but what kind of pride do we carry in our hearts that cannot hear another's reasoning?  What compassion do we lack when we look at someone else and actually consider them bad parents for not making the exact same decisions as we on something that is not Biblically mandated or obviously abusive or destructive.

This comes from a blog i read about The Homemaking Pharisee  over at and gives us all some things to think about.

One of my favorite things...Music! It helps me to relax, or to wake up when i don't feel motivated, or to calm down if i'm angry.

A few plans for the rest of the week:    As i said before, housework, real work, dinner with hubby...other than that, i'm not really sure.

A peek into my day...

                                Here is a picture of "mom squad" which is what the boy's have titled the mom's who help them to choose, gather, and take care of their costumes for the musical and also take care of them during the long hours of "hell week" and the weeks of the actual play. This is me and Monica, who also happens to be the mother of my son's true love. This woman is the ONLY woman i would want to join me in this adventure and i am so glad that we were able to work together AND enjoy it together! She is also one reason i chose to come back next year to do it again!

 If you want to blog about your week, join this meme here at The Simple Womans Daybook

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Think Back Thursday--Silly

So I finally remembered to join my friend Debbie's meme Think Back Thursday. This week's topic is to find pictures that are silly. These are the one's I picked:

Matt, his friend Bobby and the Naked Cowboy in NYC
This guy in NYC actually dresses like this and plays guitar on the street. He is semi-famous for it and Matt decided to ham it up for the camera, lol

Nephew Jayden being silly while learning to read. He is my precious!

Me hamming it up at the web cam :-)

This is just silly :-)

Matt and Bobby during the school's Musical Theater Performance--in HAIR!

My cousin Shannon and her son Alex being silly on the trampoline

Nephew Breyon being a silly baby riding the vacuum <3

My three kids being silly in the pool in Florida

And again..Matt being silly...i see a pattern here.

Most of the silly pictures i found are of Matt, lol

Niece Erica stealing Aunt Shell's camera to pose silly pics

Niece Kyleigh Grace being silly during her sugar high on her first b-day

Well, those were the silliest pics i could find. Hope you enjoyed them. I enjoyed looking through my pics to find them!
If you want to join this meme, click  here   and it will send you to our host Debbie and Debbie's Digest.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Back 15 Meme

 In the spirit of getting back into blogging, i am doing some meme's until the creative juices start flowing. This is what i found to do today.

15) How do you vent out your anger? Usually i put the music up really loud and clean the house. If i can't do that, then i stuff it for a while until i either forget or until it wells up so much that i just yell at anyone who happens to be in the way.

16) Favorite toy as a child?  My older sister :-) As long as she was with me, i was happy..i played whatever she wanted to play just so i could be with her. When she wasn't around, i liked to play with my dolls, or make doll houses.

17) Favorite season? Spring...or fall....but probably spring

18) Do you ever get letters delivered by the post office?  Not usually...mostly bills. Sometimes i'll get a card if it's a holiday or birthday. I also haven't sent an actual letter in i can't remember how long :-)

19) When was the last time you laughed hard? Hmmm...i honestly can't remember...i laugh alot...just a real, hard laugh...not for a loooong time

20) What is on the floor of your closet? A LOT of shoes! Blankets, out of season clothes in a bin, but mostly shoes.

21) Are you any good at drawing? Not At All! I love to doodle...but real drawing? Nope. I had to quit the game "draw something" because i couldn't draw any of the suggested drawings, lol.

22) What did you do last night? Same thing i'm doing tonight. Chatting on facebook, watching tv, drinking some wine (it's the weekend).

23) What are you most afraid of? Surface fear: spiders. Deep fear: being alone

24) Plain,cheese or spicy hamburger? cheese

25) Favorite dog breed? The larger breeds--labs, german shepherds, husky

26) Favorite day of the week? Used to be Sunday..wish it still was, but it's just it's probably Saturday.

27) How many states / provinces / countries have you lived in? Five country

28) Diamond or pearl? DIAMOND

29) What is your wish for this new year?  To get a job that i am happy with 

30) New year resolutions
To not smoke cigarettes by the end of the year...e-cigs are ok..reg cigs are not

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

It's been a whole year since i posted anything! The last post i wrote was about the goals i had for 2012....of which most i did not complete!

SO, this year, i am just going to have a couple goals.

1. Blog at least twice a month.

I really want to get back into blogging. I need to remember that i started blogging so that i could have a journal of things to look back on and remember, since my brain is so foggy and i forget everything. I also started blogging so that my far-away family could stay connected with what we have been doing. Also, i often have things on my mind that stay there until I get it out, and i used to blog in order to get my thoughts in order. Oh, and also I used to end each blog with a few things i was thankful for...which is why i named it Seek the Silver Lining. It's important to me that i always look for the positive in any situation.
So, i want to get back into it.

2. Quit Smoking!

Now, i would love to say that i will stop smoking by the end of the year...but i don't want to set myself up for failure.  However, I do want to only smoke e-cigs by the end of the year. They are healthier than regular cigs, have no yucky smell, and do not have cancer-causing elements in them. Plus, Steve's insurance started charging us an extra monthly fee because i smoke, and i don't want to have to pay that next year. I wish I didn't want to smoke...and most of my smoking is just habit...i don't even really physically want most of them...what a waste of money and health! So, yeah, i really want to focus on this.

3. Pray and Listen to God more.

I really have not been disciplined at all this past year in this area. And really, that is a shame...because i know that talking and listening to my Creator is the first thing that I should do every day. I have always desired to get closer to God, but i don't do my part very well. This should not feel like a chore, but should just be natural for me...but it's not :( I have always had a deep love for God and my faith in Him and His hand in my life is strong...but really, i know that there is just so much more i could be doing for this goal is very important to me.

There are a few other things i am thinking of, but i'm gonna stop with those, since they are my top three goals this year.

This blog is the first step in helping me in my first goal. I don't know yet how i'm gonna try to reach my second goal. As for the third goal...i have a bunch of books i plan on reading about prayer...and my church is doing a bible reading program that i am going to sign up for. I would like to say that i plan on getting up a half hour earlier every day to read and talk to God, but I just don't think i'll get up at five.  I'll update when i have a solid plan for goals two and three.

Oh, i thought of another goal for 2013:

4. Get a job!!

I am done with my internship and will be volunteering at the school two days a week until i find a paying job. Maybe i will write a post about my intern experience one day. But getting a good job this year is totally something that i will strive for this year...hopefully sooner than later.

So, those are my goals.
I hope i do better this year than i did last year!

Today i am thankful for:

1. New beginnings
2. The new iron i just bought :-) Best iron ever!! it's a t-fal and glides through wrinkles like hot butter on toast!
3. My husbands new car! He finally got his company car and its a beaut!!
4. My husbands dedication to taking care of his health. He found out this year that he is diabetic..and promptly started eating right and exercising consistently and has lost fifty  pounds!