Monday, March 11, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook for March 11, 2013

FOR TODAY March 11, 2013

Outside my window... Dark and not tooo cold. It was kind of nice for the past three days. But i'm not getting too excited yet. The sun hasn't really been out for more than a day or two. I am looking forward to spring!

I am thinking...I am glad that the spring musical is over, but i find myself already bored, lol. I keep thinking that tomorrow is a work day and getting kind of sad when i realize it is not. I am really not inspired by cleaning and cooking anymore, though i do it because it has always been my job to do so...and because if i don't, we will all be hungry and be living in a messy house!

I am thankful...for the opportunity to be a blessing to others that my job has given me, and the same goes for working with the kids after school during musical season. There are so many opportunities to be a blessing to others out there! May i remember that being a blessing at home is just as important!

In the kitchen...I made tacos tonight :-) I'm not real sure what i will make tomorrow...probably chicken. Wed and Thurs i don't cook, but i may do some baking of brownies/cookies/muffins...maybe.

I am wearing...Jeans, flannel shirt, black sweater to keep warm. Almost ready to get the p.j's on.

I am creating...Hmmm....ummm...i don't think i'm creating anything right now...maybe some good memories?

I am going...Nowhere tomorrow...will probably do my weekly chores ( floors, bathrooms, dusting, laundry ect) Work Wednesday and Thursday...out to dinner with hubby on Saturday, probably church on Sunday. Pretty boring week, lol

I am wondering...If I will get the job that I want...i should know within the next month. If i don't, i'm wondering what my next step should be.

I am reading...I have a bunch of books on my kindle and in my bedroom that i have started on, but none of them have held my interest for long. I have mostly been reading magazines, blogs, ect..things that i can read at fifteen minute clips. I haven't had much time for more than that. Maybe now that things have settled down i'll pick a book and start getting serious about reading it.

I am hoping...That one day i will see my loved ones at peace and happy for more than a couple of days. I mean--have REAL peace and happiness that does not depend on circumstances

I am looking forward to...Going to FLORIDA in about two weeks!!!! I can't wait..i haven't seen my florida family for almost six months and i miss them so much it's like a physical ache!

I am separate myself from negativity that i can not control.

Around the house...well, like i said before, i have chores to catch up on. Not as much as i did last week, but some things need to be taken care of. So that's my plan for tomorrow.

I am prayer life, or lack thereof, and what i need to do to be more consistent.

A favorite quote for today.... .".It is one thing to find great meaning in something for yourself.  It is an entirely different thing, to take away someone else's personal experience from them because it did not meet your imagined  perfect standard.  We may be well educated in one area, and we may feel we have it all figured out, but what kind of pride do we carry in our hearts that cannot hear another's reasoning?  What compassion do we lack when we look at someone else and actually consider them bad parents for not making the exact same decisions as we on something that is not Biblically mandated or obviously abusive or destructive.

This comes from a blog i read about The Homemaking Pharisee  over at and gives us all some things to think about.

One of my favorite things...Music! It helps me to relax, or to wake up when i don't feel motivated, or to calm down if i'm angry.

A few plans for the rest of the week:    As i said before, housework, real work, dinner with hubby...other than that, i'm not really sure.

A peek into my day...

                                Here is a picture of "mom squad" which is what the boy's have titled the mom's who help them to choose, gather, and take care of their costumes for the musical and also take care of them during the long hours of "hell week" and the weeks of the actual play. This is me and Monica, who also happens to be the mother of my son's true love. This woman is the ONLY woman i would want to join me in this adventure and i am so glad that we were able to work together AND enjoy it together! She is also one reason i chose to come back next year to do it again!

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  1. mmmmm..... Tacos! Havnt had those in a while! Maybe that will be in my menu this week!

  2. i get the impression teachers are not crazy about cooking and cleaning.