Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

It's been a whole year since i posted anything! The last post i wrote was about the goals i had for 2012....of which most i did not complete!

SO, this year, i am just going to have a couple goals.

1. Blog at least twice a month.

I really want to get back into blogging. I need to remember that i started blogging so that i could have a journal of things to look back on and remember, since my brain is so foggy and i forget everything. I also started blogging so that my far-away family could stay connected with what we have been doing. Also, i often have things on my mind that stay there until I get it out, and i used to blog in order to get my thoughts in order. Oh, and also I used to end each blog with a few things i was thankful for...which is why i named it Seek the Silver Lining. It's important to me that i always look for the positive in any situation.
So, i want to get back into it.

2. Quit Smoking!

Now, i would love to say that i will stop smoking by the end of the year...but i don't want to set myself up for failure.  However, I do want to only smoke e-cigs by the end of the year. They are healthier than regular cigs, have no yucky smell, and do not have cancer-causing elements in them. Plus, Steve's insurance started charging us an extra monthly fee because i smoke, and i don't want to have to pay that next year. I wish I didn't want to smoke...and most of my smoking is just habit...i don't even really physically want most of them...what a waste of money and health! So, yeah, i really want to focus on this.

3. Pray and Listen to God more.

I really have not been disciplined at all this past year in this area. And really, that is a shame...because i know that talking and listening to my Creator is the first thing that I should do every day. I have always desired to get closer to God, but i don't do my part very well. This should not feel like a chore, but should just be natural for me...but it's not :( I have always had a deep love for God and my faith in Him and His hand in my life is strong...but really, i know that there is just so much more i could be doing for Him...so this goal is very important to me.

There are a few other things i am thinking of, but i'm gonna stop with those, since they are my top three goals this year.

This blog is the first step in helping me in my first goal. I don't know yet how i'm gonna try to reach my second goal. As for the third goal...i have a bunch of books i plan on reading about prayer...and my church is doing a bible reading program that i am going to sign up for. I would like to say that i plan on getting up a half hour earlier every day to read and talk to God, but I just don't think i'll get up at five.  I'll update when i have a solid plan for goals two and three.

Oh, i thought of another goal for 2013:

4. Get a job!!

I am done with my internship and will be volunteering at the school two days a week until i find a paying job. Maybe i will write a post about my intern experience one day. But getting a good job this year is totally something that i will strive for this year...hopefully sooner than later.

So, those are my goals.
I hope i do better this year than i did last year!

Today i am thankful for:

1. New beginnings
2. The new iron i just bought :-) Best iron ever!! it's a t-fal and glides through wrinkles like hot butter on toast!
3. My husbands new car! He finally got his company car and its a beaut!!
4. My husbands dedication to taking care of his health. He found out this year that he is diabetic..and promptly started eating right and exercising consistently and has lost fifty  pounds! 

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  1. Michelle, I am so glad you are writing on your blog again. I think it s great that you are setting goals and it's great to have someone linking up with me. I will try and encourage you in keeping your goals, I am sure you will do the same for me. You did fine linking up... the only problem was with me setting it up... I didn't click a little box so that your link... and any other... would show up... I fixed it now.