Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yearly Goals 2012--Goal Setting for the Year

My friend Debbie started doing this last year and it helped her to stay on target with her goals. So, this year, i am going to try to post some goals that i would like to accomplish this year and try to post a monthly update to stay accountable. Since i have never done this, i may take some of these goals off this list or add some new ones on as the months go on. Since i am NOT usually a person who stays on track with anything, including goals, i am hoping that this will help me to do better.

Personal Goals:


  • Read the Bible every day--my church did a read through the Bible in a year last year and used Walk Through the Bible guides. I didn't do it, but i have all the guides. So, i really want to make this goal a priority  by following the guides for everyday reading.

  • Spend time every day talking to God and listening to Him. I really want to get to know Him more and learn to hear His voice better.

  • Read my bible study book and answer the questions before the day our Bible study meets--we meet the first and third Friday of the month, and i haven't been reading the book or answering the questions that much. So I want to have this done from now on. We are reading God's Priorities for Today's Women at the moment. Friday is Bible-study day and i haven't the chapter yet.
Health and Fitness

  • Excercise 3-4 times a week. Either go for a walk for 20-30 minutes if the weather is nice or do one of the excercise DVD's that i have for at least 20 minutes if the weather is not nice.

  • Eat at least 3 small meals a day at least 3-4 times a week. I tend to only eat one meal a day and then kind of graze the rest of the day. But my energy is always so low, so i would like to eat more consistently throughout the day. Six small servings would be best, but i don't want to push it, so i'll start with three.

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables during the week. I don't want to say every day because that is not realistic right now. I will start with just eating some during the week and try to add more as the months go on.

  • Drink 32-48 oz of water each day. I think i come close to this, but i'm not sure. I will need to keep track of how much i am drinking and adjust accordingly.

  • Buy a scale and keep track of my weight--I don't ususally do this, but i think i should. I haven't owned a scale in years, but there is a good one on sale that measures weight, BMI, and hydaration levels so i'm gonna get that.

  • Smoke less. For now i am gonna keep track of how much i smoke for a month. After this month, i will work on cutting that number down for the next month.

  • College start back up for me on the 9th. I have two classes this semester...Macroeconomics and Anatomy and Physiology. So, my goal is to keep up with my work instead of procrastinating and stressing out because i have to do all the work in one night. My goal is to work on school work 4 times a week.

  • I was supposed to have an internship this semester, but I didn't give myself enough time to check out enough intern sites...which is why i have these two more classes instead of an internship like i was supposed to. So, this goal is to work on finding a GOOD internship for the fall semester. To do that, i want to spend 1 day a week checking out sites and putting my name in at the appropriate angencies.
  • Spend less time watching TV. This is a big weakness for me and a time-sucker too! So, this month, i want to make a goal to only watch 4 shows a day...which may sound like alot, but for me it isn't.

  • Blog more often. I started this blog to keep track of our lives and my thoughts/feelings/activities. I want to blog at least one time a week for this month, and hope to increase that later.

  • Get involved at my church. I don't really know where to involve myself, but it is a goal to get involved somewhere. This month i want to find a way to plug in to one thing other than sunday service.

  • Find a place to volunteer that is Human Services related. This will help me to get out of the house, keep busy, help others, AND pad my resume :-) This month i want to find a couple places that interest me and find out how to volunteer there.
  • Plan dinner 3-4 times a week and shop ahead at the beginning of the week. We tend to not really think about dinner until the afternoon and then have to go out and get something because the meat is frozen or we don't have all the ingredients. Steve makes dinnner a couple times a week, so i will plan only for 3 or 4 nights for now.

  • On Monday through Friday, work on at least one room a day to deep clean. I always straighten up the house, but deep cleaning is not done enough. I want to make a schedule for what room will get done each day and post that sometime this week.
  • Take each child out to lunch/coffee each month. I usually try to do this anyway, but now i'm hoping to do it more consistently. I believe that Erin is next, than Rai, than Matt.

  • Have a date night with hubby at least once a month. My parents sent us gift cards for dinner and a movie, so this month we will do that.

  • Keep in touch with family who live far away. I am not consistent with this. I want to touch base with my parents, sister, and cousins at least once this month.
So, i think that's about it. I'm kind of intimidated by the length of this list, given that i don't normally plan anything and just do things "spur of the moment". But, i am gonna try because there is so much that i want to get done and i don't usually "have time" to do the things i wanted to do. There actually is enough time in my day to do all the things i want to, but i usually spend my time doing other things intead (read: computer, tv). I hope that this year i will be a productive, helpful, joyful, Christ-like, women who can get off her butt and be useful to others! Wish me luck.

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  1. Great list Michele and I know you can accomplish the goals you made. Write them down and post them somewhere so you can see them. Hey, would you like me to copy your goals, print them on some pretty paper, and laminate it for you?? That is what I do. I could bring it to you on Friday. Let me know if you would like me to do that.

    Join the weekly Goal Planning Monday meme if you want and that will help you set and accomplish smaller goals that are part of your larger yearly goals. It really helped me to do those 2 things. Today is Monday. My GPM post will be up later, after I finish devotions.

    We have a whole year! 365 days. May the Lord bless you and lead you as you try to do more for Him in 2012. I love you my friend.