Thursday, March 26, 2009

Phi Theta Kappa Night

Today was a good day!! I was so nervous about being inducted into Phi Theta Kappa and going up on stage in front of all those people, especially since i missed out on the practice session last weekend. I didn't really want to go tonight because i really don't like people's attention on me. Even when i was growing up, i was uncomfortable on Christmas day because i knew people were watching me as i opened gifts, and it made me uncomfortable. But, my husband loves things like public recognition for a job well done, including his wife getting recognized, so i did not want him to miss out on the oportunity to pat me on the back :). Just kidding, but i do know that I need to face my fears and do things that are uncomfortable to me if i ever want to move foward, so i went. It wasn't bad at all. I went shopping this morning for a nice "business type" outfit to wear and i got a nice pair of black slacks and a pretty top to wear. I felt pretty good in it. I went to the school to meet with the other inductees early, and Erin went with me to help calm my nerves by talking my ear off about teen-aged girl stuff while we waited. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a woman i have known from a couple of other classes that we have together who was there also; so then i did not feel as nervous, and i had a peer to talk to. So, we all went into the conference area,

sat down, listened to a speech,

and then it was time to go up on stage, one by one. We had to go up on stage when they called our name, sign the membership book,

light our candle, take a rose, and shake hands with a couple big-wigs. Of course, i got the getto candle that would not light correctly and went out before i walked off the stage,

but it made my kids laugh, so its all good:) After that, there was a little reception, but i was so hungry that we went out to dinner right after it was over instead. So, i am now an official member of the honor society Phi Theta Kappa and i get to wear the pin, do service projects, make new friends, and be recognized for my good grades.

Oh, yeah, i just found out that i got a 104 on my political science test that i took last night!! I feel really good about that because it is a hard subject and i studied very hard for that test. Now i have to put together a 20 minute oral presentation on the first ammendment with 2 of my classmates, which is something i really don't want to do, but i'm sure it will work out better than i think it will, it usually does.

So, i'm bushed and am going to bed. This day was all about me today-- and i am totally ready to make it all about someone else tomorrow!

Today i am thankful for:

1. Kohls (department store where i got my dress clothes)

2. My husband, who loves to shower me with praise and makes me feel good about me.

3. My husband's job that provides us with enough income for me to go get dressy clothes the day i need them. In this economy, it is a blessing that Steve is doing well and has not lost his job. Thank you Lord.


  1. WOW!!! I am (almost) speechless..or in this case..typeless. lol. I am SO proud of you and SO incredibly happy for you to have such a wonderful experience! Your hard work is being recognized and rewarded. Your sense of humor and your attitude of thankfulness is so refreshing! Your life is a testimony of God's grace and your own persistence as you overcome obstacles and refuse to be a victim. I know in my lifes journey one of the most freeing things has been my attitude of letting go of the past and not allowing my failures to dictate my future. Embrace this new life Michele, it is the one the Lord has designed for you! I love you deeply. ~Mommie

  2. Being a man of few words, all I can say is ditto your mothers comment. You are a testimony and I love you!