Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Update

Once again it has been a while since i have posted. Not much has happened this past week. We all had off of school and that was really nice. Good Friday was a rainy day as usual. We went to church with the whole family, except for Rachel. It was her birthday and she chose to sleep over a friends house that night. We had planned to go to spa and get her and her sister pampered for the day, but the spa was closed and she did not want to postpone celebrating her birthday, so Erin and I took Rachel to the mall and bought her a build-a-bear and a nice make-up kit and a tiara. Then Rachel went over her "big sister" Tiffany's house and spent the night so they could go fishing in the morning. We had her birthday dinner and cake Saturday night instead of Friday. She chose tacos and shrimp, her two favorites. So, that is how Rachel spent her 12th birthday. Happy Birthday, my baby!! I can not believe you are so grown up. I love you. I wish i knew how to scan pictures so i could put one of her baby pictures on here, but that is learning for another day. For now, this is Rachel doing her school work.

So, if you read two posts back, you know what happened the Saturday before Easter. On Easter morning we had Brandon and Ryan sleep over the night before, so instead of easter baskets, we got a huge bowl of cany and labeled cups with each kid's name so they could all get some candy. Then, we all got dressed up, except Erin who had to work, and went to church. Erin and Jessica had gone to Good Friday service with us so it was not terrible that she had to miss Easter service. It was so nice to go to church with Matt and Brandon and Ryan along with me, Rachel and Steve. We had a buffet breakfast and then a very nice service. It was nice being surrounded by teenage guys and hearing their sweet singing. Ryan said he like the service so much and he loved my church because everybody looked so happy. He said he wanted to go back again. I would love that, then maybe Matt would go too. I would love to have my whole family in church with me like we used to, but it is usually just me and Rachel. Matt and Steve plan on playing soft ball with the church men starting next week, so i am happy about that. Maybe they both can make some connections in the church, and i used to love going to the games and hanging out with the other wives and mothers. It will be nice.

The week after Easter went very quickly. I didn't do much, but i got alot of cleaning done and got to make dinner every night and just relax and focus on the house-wife part of my life, which needed some attention. I also am almost finished with my book. I did not, however, do the school work i planned on doing, nor did i gather a plan of action for Rachel's school. I am not behind, nor and i ahead. But, i am ready for my last two weeks of college this semester. I have that oral report to do, one more big paper to write and two final tests to study for, and then i am done. It is almost time for me to choose next years classes already, and i am still not sure how many i will take. Probably two night classes. I may apply for a scholarship for next year so i don't have to get another loan, but the money really comes in handy when Christmas and birthdays come up, so I may just get the loan. I will have to pay it back some day, but not until after i graduate and get a job.

I am so excited because this weekend i am going on the woman's retreat with my church. It has been a long time since i have done that and i am looking foward to some alone time with a couple of my friends and some peaceful worship time with God. It will difinately be refreshing!!

Well, that's about it. Just an update. Tomorrow is school for me, thursday i am going to bylers to get some snacks for the house and for my weekend trip, Friday i will pack, go pick Deb up and then meet at the church so we can go to the retreat. Yay.

Tonight i am thankful for:

1. financial blessings and the fact that we could afford the cost to fix my brakes.

2. beautiful weather

3. the library and other free resources for home-schooling

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