Saturday, April 11, 2009

Matt's Bad Day and A Praise to God

It has been a long week and i don't really have time to blog about the whole thing, but overall, it all turned out pretty good. Matt's party was a smashing success. I got most of my work done, except for a small mix up in which i did one assignment that was not due till next week and forgot to do one that was due this week. So, i lost a couple points for lateness, but i got some extra credit, so i hope it really won't make a difference. The oral project could have gone better, but it was not a complete wipe-out. I had planned on getting up there and talking and just using my note cards for reference, but when i got up there i became extremely nervous and i couldn't take a deep breath, and i couldn't look at anybody, so i just read my note card verbatim. The good news (if i look at it that way) is that i get to do it again when i do my article critique and we are not even allowed to make note cards.......I keep telling the kids that practice makes, i guess i'm getting alot of practice to get over my fear of public speaking.

I do have a praise to blog about, which is why I got on to blog tonight. I just had to tell someone, but it was too late to call anybody, so here i am. Today, Matt was hanging out with two of his friends and they went over another friends house. At about 730 i get a frantic phone call from Brandon (my adopted son-i will blog about him later) saying that they had just gotten "jumped" by six guys, Matt had gotten punched and thrown to the ground, and they were running down the street to get away from the bullies, but they were being chased by the 6 guys in a car! I was stunned for a second and said "what is going on" poor brandon was so panicked he said they were running to Burger King to be safe. I had no idea what was going on, but i assumed the worst. By now, Steven heard me on the phone and was running to get his shoes on. I told brandon that dad was on his way and gave the phone to Steve. Steve ran out the door in such a panic, he missed the last step of the deck and fell to the ground on his bad knee. By this time, the girls heard the comotion and were crying. Then they saw Daddy fall down the steps and they started screaming. I was running around trying to find shoes and help steve and tell the girls it would be ok. We were all in a state of panic. I helped Steve get up and he said he was fine and ran for the car. I started to go with him, but the girls were sooo upset and crying in a panic that i decided to stay with them. At first, after steve left and the girls crying and me shaking and in tears, I did not know what to do. MY SON. So, i did the only thing i could. I gathered the girls together and we held hands and prayed. I told the girls that the Bible sais that where 2 or 3 are joined together, God is there. So at first i couldn't even say anything because i thought i was gonna burst into sobs for fear. After a moment of silence, I asked God to send his Mighty Angels around the boys and keep them safe until Steve could get there. I told God i trusted Him with my son and no matter what, I knew that God had his best interest and He held the life of my son in His hand. It almost felt like I was releasing my son into His hands. Which is pretty much what i was doing. But, at that moment, i calmed down and just knew that no matter what happened to Matt, it would be ok because Matt belongs to God.
Well, after we finished praying, the girls were still upset and we felt like we had to do something, so we drove up to Burger King just so we could see if Matt was ok. You can imagine my relief when i saw the three boys standing in the parking lot with Steve. Nobody was really hurt, just scared and cold and hungry. Matt had gotten hit on his head above his ear and his throat was a little red where the boy had grabbed it and shoved him down. But the boys were ok. They had done the right thing and walked away (well, ran away) and called mom. Steve had called the police and once they arrived, i went home so as not to get in the way.
All i wanted to do was wrap my arms around those boys and give them all a big hug. They said that they did not do anything to instigate the fight and i believe them. We have all learned some valuable lessons from this, one of them being that my kids will not be walking alone in that development again. I felt so guilty because Matt had asked me to pick them up about 10 minutes before this happend, but i said no cause it was still light out and the walk would do them good. But, now I am just praising God for his protection and comfort and help with placing my kids in His hands.
So, now i am tired and am ready for bed. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and all the boys (Matt, Brandon and Ryan) are coming to church with us. Brandon went with us for Good Friday and it made me light in heart to hear him singing songs of love to Jesus. These are really good boys and i am so happy that Matt has friends that not only have his back when push comes to shove (Ryan stood between Matt and the bully while Brandon called me) but are also sweet, loving boys that want to be with us so much, they are willing to dress up and go to church with us.
So, tonight, i am thankful for:
1. God's protection over the boys
2. God's comfort for me
3. The patience of God as i learn over and over and over how to hand him control of those things that i clutch so tightly.

As a prayer request, i would ask anybody who reads this to pray for Steve because he came down really hard on that knee, which is the same knee he hurt in his accident many years ago and just hurt recently by hyperextending it. It was just starting to get better, and now it really, really hurts him again.
I would also ask for prayer for the girls, that they get over the trauma of tonight and can feel peace about it soon. It was very scary for them to think of their brother as badly hurt and then watching their father fall down the steps.

So, just know that we are all fine now, but i wanted to share this story and this praise on this Easter Weekend.
Thank You Father for sending your Son to become sin for us so that He could be a Bridge between us and a Holy God. I love you.

Happy Easter

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