Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Lesson Learned

Good morning! It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Delaware. The birds are singing, the sky is blue and it will be about 65 today. Perfect. Yesturday was supposed to be Matthews birthday party but we woke up to a windy, windy day with 50 mile an hour gusts which made it feel very cold and kept knocking the volleyball net down. So, Matt got in touch with all his friends and told them that the party was changed until tomorrow. Everybody was fine with it, although half of them still showed up around 5 and stayed till 10 anyway. It was a fun evening filled with much teenage laughter and antics and i am looking foward to doing it again tonight.
I have gotten the smaller of my two school projects done and an halfway through the big case study for theories. I probably would have finished it last night, but even though i worked on it for about 6 hours, how much work can get done with a house full of teenagers? It's all good though, i would rather have them all wanting to come to my house than my children wanting to be somewhere else. In this day and age, it is rare for the kids to see a family with a mom and a dad together, and not only that but with a dad who goes outside to play basketball with the boys when he comes home for work!! I think it is great that my hubby can come home from a long, hard day and go outside to play with the boys. I have been blessed with a great family and i love sharing it with any teen or preteen who wants to come over and hang out. As of right now, i have a couple of "adoptive" kids, who i really love, who come to me with their problems and lives who i can love on and try to show the love of God. There is no college paper that is worth more than that. I need to get my priorities straight and i believe the Lord helped me with that yesturday. I don't have to turn out perfect college papers at the expense of my children, biological or adoptive.
So, even though i am skipping church to try to get my paper done before the party starts today, i have learned a lesson and feel alot better and more relaxed. I do love church and do not like to miss it, but i think it will be ok for just this week.
So, today i am working on the rest of my case study, spiffying up the house, getting the food together, enjoying watching my precious son celebrate his 15th birthday and doing whatever i can do for the rest of the day to help make it a great day for him. oops he just ripped his shirt so i have to run to Walmart to get him another(he needs them anayway and this way it will be clean). So, off to start my crazy day and to remember the things that are most important, and that is not me nor the things I need to do. It is those around me and how i do the things that need to get done with the right attitude.
Today i am thankful for:
1. My adoptive chilren who remind me who i am supposed to be.
2. The Lord, who teaches lessons when i am not even looking
3. My husband, who goes out of his way to play with his kids.


  1. Dear Michele, i just sat down and read your last blog and this one and what a difference. The last one was definitely a bit depressing but this one was uplifting to a fathers heart. I love you and am very thankful to see what God is doing in your life. I'm inspired again so i think i will attempt to do a blog myself. I love you very much, Dad.

  2. Michele,
    Miss You
    Finally got time to catch up on your blog posts.
    Congrats on your award.
    Sooooo much going on here.
    Birthday Celebration
    Mini Spring Break yesterday through Sunday
    Emotional Turmoil... not again... but still!!
    Continuing Financial Struggles
    Struggling with homeschooling, some days want to give up but I know I can't

    I hope to see you on Sunday... don't forget we have Easter Brunch instead of Sunday School... not to remind you to bring any food but to remind you to come this week. I hope to have lots of time to sit and chat and eat with you.

    Love you