Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Good Day

What a great day i had today. Steven, me and Rachel went to church today and i truely enjoyed myself. Sunday school was great as usual. I love the way Mr. Katz teaches. We are going through 2 Timothy verse by verse and i find it very informative and interesting. I dragged Steve to sit up front with me, since i sit up front in my college classes and find it less distracting. Steve called me a geek.: ) He-he, that's okay, i like being a geek. Just call me a geek-for-God. He-he. During church, Pastor Bob gave a good message and i find myself taking notes in my bible more and more often. Now i just have to open my bible during the week, which is something i do not do enough of. Lord, give me dicipline and help me get into a routine! I always want to have a routine or a schedule to follow, but every time i try, i get stressed out that i am not following it correctly, so i eventually give it up. But, i really need to try again now that i will be home-schooling and going to classes. I know it will help me if i could just stick with it.

Well, I am so so happy because Erin came back from Sno-Glo (the retreat she went on with the church youth group) with excitement for the Lord, something i have wanted to see in her for a long time. I prayed after i dropped her and Jess off that she would feel comfortable with the other kids (whom she barely knew). Well, now she wants to JOIN the youth group, and i could not be happier. She was so touched by the message and music this past weekend. I am so glad that she now realizes that Christian music is not all stuffy. The band that was there was a Christian rock band, and she loved it so much, she bought their CD and a sweatshirt with their logo on it. The band is called Reilley. She has a desire for the Lord, which is my prayer for all my children. Thank you Lord!!

Also, today i dropped that pesky class i was pondering about yesturday. I really felt that i need to focus on Rachel during this semester. I don't think i would be there for her enough if i was away for 3 days a week, so now i will still have 2 classes on Wednesdays and be able to have enough time to help Rachel recover from public school for the next few months. If all goes as planned, next semester i will pick up 3 classes again, but i will make some night classes or telecourse classes. For right now, i believe my priority is my child. Finishing school quicker only really benefits me, not my child. I mean, i know our finances will be better when i get my job, but money can not be more important that helping my child get prepared for life. What is one more year? Once my kids are grown up, i will not be able to get this time with them back. One year in my life is like the wind. One year in an 11 year olds life is like forever and can change her whole outlook on life. I am at peace with my decision. Thank you Lord.

Today, i am thankful that i have a church family that feels like home.
Today, i am thankful that my daughter heard God whisper to her.
Today, i am thankful that my Father in heaven said yes to my plea.

Today, i am happy and at peace. Can't get much better than that.

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  1. As a daughter of the KING, as a mother, and as a Grandmother....I rejoice with you! My eyes well with tears of gratitude for what the Lord is accomplishing in your's and your family's lives.
    Praying for you and loving you always,