Friday, January 30, 2009

Frugal Shopping and Friends-- is there anything better?

I had such a great day today, so even though i am soooo tired, i wanted to post this real quick. This morning, Rachel and I went to Bylers, which is a discount grocery store, and we got so many groceries for not too much money. Love shopping! Love saving money even more. After we got the groceries put away, we had some lunch and then went to my friend Debbies house. I had not been there for a long time, because life kind of got in the way of our friendship. In fact, I have allowed life to get in the way of too many of my friendships, but that is a different post for a different day. Anyway, spending the afternoon with Deb was something that I have greatly missed. Many times, when friends seperate for a time, it is pretty difficult to connect again. Not the case with me and Deb. I am so happy that we could get right back into our talking, sharing, laughing friendship! It was a great afternoon with Deb--sitting with her, listening to the kids laughing, while Deb was sharing her heart, her cookies, :) and her homeschooling/blogging knowledge with me.

This evening, I got to spend alot of time of the phone with my family. My sister and I spent over an hour on the phone together, filling each other in on our lives. I miss her soo much and can not wait to see her this summer (if not sooner). Then my cousing Beth called me, which was so great cause i have not talked to her in about a month. She has a very hectic life and a great sense of humor. I laughed so much, my voice is hoarse. My cousin and I used to spend many hours a week on the phone together when we were mommies of only one child each and had lots of extra time--and huge long distance phone bills! Now we have 7 children and about 6 states between us and we don't get to talk too much, but i love her to peices and treasure the time we do get together.

So now i am going to rest my voice--it is not used to the aroebic excercise i gave it today-- and go to bed. Thank you Lord for such great friends!

Today i am thankful for:

1. Friends
2. The internet (sooo much information at my fingertips!)
3. Bylers!


  1. You are a blessing and an encouragement. I am so thankful to see how God is working in your life. I love you very much. Dad

  2. Shelly, I rejoice with you and your re-"connection" with Debbie. True friends are a blessing from the Lord. I also agree with you about how much fun it is to save money, so i am happy for you to have a good day of shopping! One more thing, I think it is GREAT that you have some special time with Rachel.
    I love and miss you.