Monday, January 26, 2009

From the Simple Woman's Daybook for January 26

Outside my window... A dark, cloudy night sky, looks and smells like snow.

I am thinking... About some deep questions Matt had for me tonight before he went to bed...stuff like "what is life all about" "what is my purpose" you know, easy stuff.

I am thankful for...Tax refunds and bonus checks

From the learning rooms...Still doing 3 bible chapters, computer school, and read-a-louds. Waiting for books from Chrisian Light. Maybe i will call them tomorrow.

From the kitchen...All clean, thanks to a newly revised chore chart ;) However, the fridge is still pleading to be cleaned out.

I am wearing... blue jeans, white sweatshirt, bathrobe and slippers.

I am creating... Nothing i can think of but i hope to do some scrapbooking soon with Deb.

I am going... to bed. Tomorrow-to the library and bank. Hopefully later this week to Deb's. Oh, and this weekend we are going to Rehobeth for the polar bear plunge. Erin will be participating!

I am reading... Political Science textbook (dry), Theories of Counseling textbook (better), Red, but Ted Dekker, and various home-schooling books.

I am hoping... Rachel's books will come in tomorrow, we will have enough money to pay the HUGE electric bill we recieved, and that we can figure out why our bill was so high.

I am hearing... The t.v. is playing a program about the first 10 presidents--good to listen to too better understand political science. Also helps me fall asleep ;)

Around the house... Everyone has been sleeping for almost two hours, so it is quiet except for the t.v. and my typing and hubby's occasional snores.

One of my favorite things... I enjoy this quiet time right before i go to bed.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Pretty much more of the same, go to school on Wednesday, Talk to mom and sister this weekend, go to Rehobeth beach, go to Deb's, start going to my new small group Sunday night.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

My two older kids goofing around at Grammi's house.

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Well, i''m off to bed.
Today, i'm thankful :
1. For tax refunds and bonus checks.

2. Quiet time.

3. My sister, who has always been and remains to this day, my best friend.


  1. Talk to you later Michele
    Hope you books come in today.
    I too am waiting... for my ink!!! so I can print many, many things!!

  2. oops... just after I pushed post comment I saw that I wrote Hope you books come in should be Hope Your books... duh... typo or brain freeze... don't know which??? LOL

  3. Michele,
    I think your blog is lovely and you are lovely and you are definitely friends of mine and I hope you make new friends with your blog so... Come get your award here and check out what you have to do.

    Yes, I will help you put it on your blog.

    See you later today! I can't wait! Yes I was up at 6:00am, actually I was up at 5:15am I am so excited about today I could not go back to sleep. I woke up when Court got up. See you later. I have lots of cleaning and some homeschool to do before you get here. I know you don't care about that but I DO!