Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Day at Hope and Truth Academy

Well, it is Thursday night and time for an update. I started schooling Rachel on Wednesday. We got the paper work for our state registration approval for our school - Hope and Truth Academy on Tuesday afternoon. This came in much faster than i thought it would, but i promised Rachel that as soon as it came in I would pull her out of public school. So that is what I did. I had no school books for her yet--hadn't even ordered any yet, so I started a couple of free trials for computer classes. One site is called time4learning that i heard about on another home-school mom's site. It got good reviews and Rachel enjoys it. I also signed up with ALEX math--also referred to me from another home-school mom. Rach doesn't like this one too much, but she doesn't enjoy math in general. I bought a couple of vocabulary and writing books for her to do while we wait for her school books to come in. I ordered from Christian Light Education and she will be doing 5th and 6th reading, 4th math, 4-6th Bible, 4th-5 Language Arts, 6th science and 6th history. I am hoping to catch her up to at least midway through 6th grade in all subjects by the time we end our year. This curriculum is advanced in reading and math, so even though she is doing some 4th grade work, it is really what the kids are doing in 5 and 6th grade in public school.

Anyway, every day we try harder than the next to get on a schedule that will work for us, but without our curriculum, it's all just framework right now. Today we did Bible first and that was her and I orally reading Mark 9 (because she is interested in that particular book), Judges 1 (because we are doing ancient history plus she doesn't really know those bible stories i grew up with), and Proverbs 15 (because Mommy likes to read a proverb a day). After Bible, she did math on the computer. We then had selective silent reading time (she read a book for pleasure and i read the Washington Post for about 40 minutes). We had lunch, cleaned up, then did some Time4learning on the computer. Then she did vocab and writing-and that was it for today. It's not much, but we should be getting our books by next week and we are going to slowly get into this home-schooling thing. It has been a very long time since I schooled my other two, so i need to get back into the groove.

Well, I'm going to bed. Next time i will write about my first day of my fourth semester of college (I love it, of course) and also about Matthew's first day at Middletown High School (not pretty).

Today i am thankful:

That we found a great curriculum that i can buy in piecmeal.

That I still had some credit on my cards to pay for the above mentioned pieces.

That my husband supports my home-schooling and college endeavers.


  1. To my darling daughter, I finally created an account and read your blogs. You do a father proud. You have also inspired me to maybe think about doing a blog. What a neat idea! You are doing so wonderfully mom and I are always talking about it. I love you. Dad

  2. Hi Michele,
    You posted on my blog and I saw a link and found yours through it. HA. Ready or not here I come!!! LOL WOW I did not know you were considering pulling Rachel out mid year. That is great. I am praying for you to have success on your homeschool journey. Sounds like you are doing fine so far. Don't worry about not having all the books yet. If you feel you need a little more before the books come in go to the library and get a couple books on one subject of science and one subject of history. Let Rachel pick the time in history and the subject of science she would like to learn a little more about. If you need ideas let me know... You know I have TONS of those.

    You and Rachel should try joining in to Unplugged and Think. They are two challenges we try and do each week and then post our results on our blogs. You can find the links on my site. We will be doing the Think challenge today so look for that new post this afternoon or tomorrow.

    I am so happy to have found your blog and to hear you are homeschooling already. I missed you guys this past Sunday at Church.

    I love you ALL

  3. oops,
    I forgot to add that if you need any advice on adding stuff to your blog feel free to call or comment on my blog or e-mail though a call would get you faster results. I do check my blog frequently, cause I am blog and comment crazy, but I don't keep up with my e-mail as quickly, though I am trying.

    Anyway... CALL ME

  4. Hey Mrs. Furman!
    I wanted to come over real quick and give you the link to this great site that has free blog backgrounds and blinkies. Here is the link...

    After you pick which background you want, click on the background and then follow the directions they give for how to put it on your blog. It's really easy after you have done it a few times! If you need any help just ask Rachel, Mom, or I and well help you out.

    This blog stuff can be a little confusing at first!

    Have a blessed day!