Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challange, Day 4

Day 4-- Your Parents

So, today i'm still catching up with the 30 day blog challenge. If you're interested in seeing our host's blogs and view other people's responses to this challenge, you will find it here

My parents. Well, my mom's name is Kim and my dad's name is Rudy. They live in Florida, and i miss them very much. I only get to see them a few times a year. My ultimate goal is to move down to Florida to live near them sometime in the next few years.

Me (left) Mom (middle) Kathy (sister, right)
My mom and I have always been very close. Well, when i was a teenager, i did everything i could to gain my independence from both my parents. I really was a very challenging teenager, and, now that i have kids, i really feel bad for everything they had to go through with me. I don't know how my mom did it. I would lose my mind if any of my kids pulled even half the crap i pulled while growing up. However, my mom ever remained a loving, accepting mother throughout all those years. I know that it was her relationship with God and my dad that helped to get her through. I can only say that if i ever have to go through with my kids the things she went through with me, i can only hope i will be able to handle it with as much love and patience as she did. I never doubted her love for me....never. And, now that i am a fully (?)adjusted(?) :-) adult, my mother is one of my closest confidants. In fact, i could probably call her my soul-mate because we are both so very much alike, we rarely need to explain our motives/feelings to each other anymore...because we get each other. I also look up to her because she does so much. Working full time, involved with her church, involved with her drama classes, involved with the prison ministry, her home is beautiful, and she gets up at 4 in the morning almost every day--makes a hot breakfast for her hubby often, and cooks dinner when she gets home--whew, i'm tired just thinking about it! She has been a great role model for me and I thank God very often for giving me my mother. She has done more for me than she probably knows.   
My dad and my daughter

My dad is my hero. We don't spend a whole lot of time talking like my mom and i do, but dad is the strong, silent type. He always worked so hard to provide for us. He is the patriarch of our whole extended family. That's a lot of burden for one man to shoulder, but my dad--he has strong shoulders :-) He leads, not by words, but by example. He is always doing something. I think he sits and relaxes for a total of, like, ten hours a week. He still works out every morning, goes to work all day, comes home and does all those things that men do best around the house/bills/car care/pool care/etc., then maybe relaxes for two hours, goes to sleep, and starts all over again. Now, to me that is amazing, not only because he is near retirement age, but also because he has leukemia--not that you would know that by looking/watching him. He has always been a good husband to my mother, and if they had fights while i was growing up, i never saw them. He is a big brother, an uncle/father figure to various cousins, a grandfather (and a great-grandfather!), a computer guru, the you-name-you-need-it-go-to kind of guy, sometimes i think he could do anything. Like i said--my hero. And i miss him very much. Especially cause we don't talk as much as me and my mom do on the phone, so i love just sitting with him--wherever he is--when i go down to visit. 
Wow, just writing this i am reminded again what a blessing i have in the parents the Lord has given to me. The most important of all--They both are living a life that is directed by God, and they have modeled the Christian life to me since i was born. It it wasn't for them, i probably would not have a good relationship with my Creator as i do now. So--thanks again Lord, and mom, and dad--I love you.

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