Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challange, Day 3

Day 3-Your first love

I think i covered this on the first-day post. The first person (outside my family and, of course, my creator) I fell in love with was Steven, who was my boss at the time. He seriously only saw me as a young kid who worked for him, but i remember just thinking about him all day. I tried to work as many hours with him as i could...i would go in at 6 am just so i could ride with him and spend the day with him....they didn't even need to pay me for all i long as i could be with Steve. But, the time wasn't right, so i moved 200 miles away. For some reason, when i was 19, and dating someone else i might add, i went to a party at Steve's house...without my then-boyfriend. This time, Steve was interested in me, and i guess i hadn't really forgotten about him as i had thought i did...and the rest is history. We've been part of each other's lives for over 20 years and i truly believe (most of the time, lol) that we were always meant for each other. 
So, that's the story of my first love :-)

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