Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challange, Day 1

I need some inspiration to start writing on my blog again, so when i saw that my friend Debbie was doing a 30 day blog challenge, in which one answers questions and gives information about one's life (that's college speak for ya lol ), i thought i would join in....then I got busy and forgot....and now i remember again. So, they are on their ten day already, but, since some of the entries can be short, i'm gonna try to catch up. I'm not gonna link my posts on the author's blog, but i will tell you now that if you want to join in or see how others answered, you can go to her blog at  this location and read all about it. Now, onto day one:

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

Me (on the right) and Erin at a Bon Jovi Concert in March

Well, for those few who follow me, this info may be a bit redundant, least i'm writing again. So, my name is Michele Lee Furman (Maiden name is Burton), i will be turning the big 4-0 on halloween of this year. Wow, where has the time gone? I live in Delaware with my husband of 19 years and my three birth children and another "adopted" daughter (all teenagers). At this point in my life i have been working on my Associates degree in Human Services since fall of 2007 and i should be done by fall of 2012. I had planned on being done in 2010, but my youngest daughter asked me to home school her, so i cut back on my schooling to stay home and teach her. It was one of my better decisions!! I have been home-schooling Rachel for over 2 years, and she will go back into public high-school next fall. She is looking forward to it, and part of me is too; and part of me will miss this special time with my youngest daughter. I did home-school my other two children for a couple years, and they both streamed back into public school very well. My oldest graduated last year and is attending the same college that i do (in fact, we may actually take a couple courses together next year, lol) and my son is in 11th grade and doing great! Prior to 2007, i spent 15 years raising my kids and being a home maker. I am looking forward to the next phase of my life. Now, on to some interesting facts (if i can think of any)
15 interesting facts
1) I was born on Long Island, New York
2) I have moved 22 times--sometimes only staying in one place a few weeks before moving on
3) I longest i have ever stayed in one house is the one i live in now, it's been over 12 years
4) I LOVE BON JOVI  :-) I have seen the band live eight times and plan on seeing them again. That band is my guilty pleasure and i have loved their music since 1986!
5) My sister has been my best friend my whole life.
6) When i was sixteen, i fell in love with my boss, who was 20 and didn't like me. He was the first person i ever really loved, but since he had no feelings for me, nothing happened and i moved away and went on with my life. 5 years later we were married--and have been ever since :-)
7) I was a live-in nanny for over a year with my cousin Beth.
8) Jesus has been in my heart since i was 8, though during my teens i kind of forgot that fact....
9) Jesus forgave me and He is a huge part of my life now....just the way i like it  :-).
10) I don't really have any close girlfriends outside of my family.
11) I am terribly afraid of spiders.
12) I always wanted to live in a small town or on a farm
13) On the other hand, i always thought it would be neat to live in New York City :-)
14) I'm not comfortable in big crowds. (excluding Bon Jovi concerts)
15) I am left handed

Well, that wasn't to bad. I'm gonna do the other days now, until i have to get up and make dinner at least, then i'll try to do some more. 

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