Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: The One Where I Started the Spring Cleaning

Weekly wrap up for week of May 22

This week went so fast, i can barely even remember what we all did. Since my school is done until the fall, i have more time to do all the things i've been putting off for a while. But, since Rai still has home school until the end of this week, my time was still not my own.

Last Saturday, Me, Steve, Erin and Rai went to the outlets in Perryville Md (Matt decided it would be more fun to hang out with his girlfriend than to shop) mainly to find Steve a good, comfy pair of sneakers that would not break the bank. We managed to get him a great pair that is designed to keep pressure off the heel, which is perfect for him, since he stilll struggles with heel pain since his surgery last summer. The sneakers were originally 120 dollars, but with outlet prices and coupons i spent over an hour searching for the night before, they came to 35 dollars plus tax....:-) We looked for a pair of sandals for him, but didn't have much luck with that.

Monday was school for Rai and Matt. While Rai did schoolwork, i worked on starting the spring cleaning. I don't remember what i worked on that day though. I do know that i went to the gym both Sunday and Monday, which i felt really good about. The more i go the better i feel. Rachel and Matt also go with me most of the times, so we keep each other company.

Tuesday Rachel had dance in the morning and we did school and i cleaned...again. I'm not sure what else. We didn't go to the gym today, but Matt stayed after school until 8 p.m. to practice for a drama production that the school is putting on to say goodbye to their retiring Superintedent.

Wednesday was school for Rai and Matt again, and i spend a couple hours scrubbing the kitchen cabinets, inside and out. The cabinets i have don't reach all the way to the ceiling, so they collect a lot of dust and grime...and i must say it's been quite a while since i cleaned the tops of them. I just read on another woman's blog to put wax paper on the tops of the cabinets, so when it collects dust next time i won't have to scrub it, i can just change the paper...great idea :-) Oh, yeah, i did go to the gym around 8p.m., which worked out pretty well, cause it wasn't so crowed, and i actually  slept better than i usually do. guessed it, school again, but it was the last school day of the week, so it went quickly. 4 more days and we will be done... phew. It's been a long year! Right now Rai and I are just really wrapping up each class, making sure i have taught enough for Rachel to be on target for high school. We are now doing maybe thirty minutes for each class, sometimes less. We usually are done by 2. Matt is busy taking final tests and finishing his Junior year as well as he can. Rai had an eye doctor appt on Thursday and learned how to put contacts in and take them out. She is soooo excited to have contacts! Me and Rai went to the gym at 8 again.

Today is Friday and i mostly ran errands while Steve, Matt and Erin worked and Rai finally got to sleep in. Took Matt to work at 6:45 a.m., came home and put make-up on and did my hair, went to get some blood tests done that i have been putting off for 2 months. Then i went down to Dover to turn in some paper work for Financial Aid for my college classes next fall, picked up Erin's new license plates for her new car, went to Best Buy for a couple things, Came home, picked up Rai, went to walmart to get something for dinner (pizza--walmart pizza is the best), came home, made dinner, took a shower, and got on the computer. So, at least i remember what i did for one day! No gym today.

Tomorrow i am going to relax in the morning, do some cleaning probably and then go to my girlfriends house to help her celebrate her graduation from college. I will miss taking classes with her! Steve is making dinner, so all i have to do when i come home is go to the gym.

Sunday i will most likely do nothing...except maybe go to the gym. I may go to church, but given my recent history, i doubt it.

That's my week.
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  1. Recent history or not I want to see you in church on Sunday! :-) It sounds like you had a productive week. You know what I have done this week... cleaning... cleaning.. and more cleaning. I am not sure about what day to tell you. You will be doing school and I don't want to interrupt that. I have plenty of help around here... if I could just get the boys to do more than sit on their computers... they don't care if the house is clean for their sister's friends!! :-( Court has been doing a lot and is of course sore and in pain from doing so. I hope to finish up the basement this morning and then work on my bedroom. I need to organize a few more things. Get the boys to carry some tubs down to the basement for me and then dust, vacuum and wash my windows inside and out.

    I will be at church on Sunday then I will be working on cleaning the first floor. Vacuum, putting away things that are out of place, washing windows, cleaning the kitchen cabinets, etc.

    Monday we may be going to PA for our usual trek to see a parade, put flowers on my dad's grave and eat out, or we may not... we haven't made the final decision yet. Mom doesn't think she can make it through the parade so if we do go we will pick her up for just visiting dad's grave and eating parts.

    That leaves Tuesday and Wednesday for finishing up the downstairs. Hopefully we can finish on Tuesday and relax on Wednesday and take time to enjoy each other and rest before the girls from Texas arrive on Thursday.

    Well, I need to do my devotions and get to work! Love you and hope to see you soon.