Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook for the Week of 5/23/2011

FOR TODAY May 24, 2011
Outside my window...A clear, dark night. It was very warm today, in the mid-eighties, and a bit muggy. It's been a cool, rainy spring and we have not had more than a day or two of that "spring" weather that i love (low seventies, warm and sunny), and now it looks like summer weather is here.

I am thinking...I need to go to bed.

I am thankful for...My children...Erin-who is so mature and solid and generous and loving and original...Rachel--who is so sweet and personable and kind and also mature...Matt--who is so funny and refreshing and strong and independent...i have been so blessed with these precious children!

From the learning rooms...We have 2 more days this week and 4 days next week until we are done with school for the year...and forever, since Rai is going to public high school next year. We are finishing up with all of the subjects and just making sure that we have covered as much as possible. History is covering the 1940's to the 2000's, science is learning the senses, math is just polishing up loose ends, English is finishing the reading comprehension and editing books, and one final research paper. That's the bulk of it. I really, really am looking forward to this summer break!!

From the kitchen...Um,....tonight we had "whatever night" which is each of us having whatever we want, lol. Yesturday was choice night, which is almost like "whatever" night, except i give the family a choice of three things i am willing to cook that include whatever ingredients we happen to have in the pantry. Tomorrow is steak night. Our food budget has gotten way out of control, and we need to scale back for the rest of the week to meet the rest of our budget. But, the food is there, just not the kid's favorites. And the kitchen is clean...YaY!

I am wearing...Black jean capri's, lime green tank top, belt, socks....need to get into pj's soon.

I am creating...nothing, i don't think. I did create a lesson plan for the rest of the year today, for the second time, since i lost the first one i did yesturday :-)

I am going...Well, since we have met our budget for spending this month, i am going nowhere, lol. I gave the car to Matt tomorrow so he can drive to school, since he needs to be there till 7pm. This keeps me from those spontaneous trips to the store, lol.

I am reading...Various magazines that have been piling up while i was in school, which i now have time to read :-)...I also got another book on my e-reader to start reading.

I am hoping...That i will able to correctly tread the line between parenting and mentoring my adult daughter. Now that she is an adult, certain expectations by her and me need to be reassessed, reexamined, and dealt with. I pray i deal with them in a way that benefits my darling first born's future and our relationship.

I am hearing...The t.v. is on, but everybody else is sleeping....which is what i'm gonna be doing very shortly.

Around the house...Been starting some small Spring Cleaning projects, so the house is tidy...but still needs some deep cleaning.

One of my favorite things...quiet time by myself...sometimes i just don't get enough of this and start to get cranky.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Rachel has an eye doctor appt on Thursday, she should be getting her contacts soon...she is soooo excited!! and i am excited for her. I'm not really sure what else i''ll be doing this week...just wrapping up homeschool and doing spring cleaning projects and enjoying time at home with the family. :-)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... My beautiful babies

Matt during Hairspray production

Erin and Rai on my birthday
Have a great week!!

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  1. Great to see you blogging. I would love to get together but as you saw from my list of things to do I am not sure I have time. I would love to have you come over and help clean but I am not sure how you could help. I guess you could help me clean windows, vacuum, dust, etc. But I hate to ask you. I am sure you have enough to do at your house, you are trying to stick to your budget and gas is sooooooo expensive to come all the up here to help me clean. Today we are working on the basement. I got a bunch done on my bedroom yesterday but still have more to do. I cleaned out most of my closet. I need to dust my beanie babies vacuum everywhere... even under the bed, and wash my windows. I also still have some organizing to do and things to move/declutter. If you want to come on Sat. call first and see what our plans are I guess. I would not mind having your company while I clean, but I also understand if you don't come because of the gas prices.

    If we don't get together on Sat. then maybe we can soon. If getting a larger bench seat for our van does not work out then I will be home alone a few times in the weeks from June 2-16th when Rachel and Jessica's friends visit. Only 7 fit in out van and we will have 8 with the girls visiting. Maybe you can come see me one of those days??? We will just have to wait and see. Court is trying to find out if the bench seat from the back of our van can also fit in the middle where we currently can only seat 2. If it can, and if Rachel and the 2 girls that are visiting will fit, then he is going to buy another 3 person bench seat to put in the middle. Unfortunately, he can't know all that until the girls get here.

    Well things sound like they are great with you. I will be praying for you concerning your relationship with Erin.

    I am going to get off here, do my devotions. Then I am going to put something in the crockpot so that when I am exhausted from cleaning the basement all day, dinner will be done already. Oh, and I need to get a shower. :-)