Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Update for May

Since i bugged my dad to update his blog, i guess i should update mine. I keep thinking of all these great things i want to blog about, but than forget to do it when i get some time to just sit on my  computer. Which, i must admit, i have alot more of (time) recently since my school's semester just ended. Thank God. Now, i just have to focus on getting Rachel done with 8th grade. We have three more weeks of homeschooling and then the summer off. Next year, Rachel will be going to public high school, so i will have more time to focus on finishing my college career and starting my working career. Both she and i are excited about next year, and maybe a little nervous too. I will miss having her at home with me and teaching her all her subjects. But i also am looking forward to a new start for both of us. She will need to have an entrance test in August, which i am not thrilled about, but she should do fine. I tested her using the FCAT state assessment tests, and she tested on level for her grade. I just pray that she will test well and be able to pick the classes she wants for high school and be able to get into the drama program.

Erin and Matt are doing well in their perspective work/schooling. Erin is now working full time and McDonalds and was offered a promotion as a shift manager. She is not sure she wants to take it, but it is nice that the offer was made. Matt is in the last couple of weeks of his junior year and is working to get his grades up. He hit a bit of a slump this semester and will need to work alot on school work to pass well, but hopefully he will do well. He also works hard at his job and his extra-curricular activities (drama, production plays, and Boys State, which is a group that teaches him how to get involved in the world of politics--which he recently found out he likes :-)) He is a busy boy....i mean young man :)

Steve's store is in the middle of a re-build, so he is bouncing around at the moment helping out where he is needed. He is doing very well getting noticed by the higher-ups in his company and i am very proud of him.

The kids and i are looking forward to a three week visit to my family in Florida in July. We all miss them very much and really enjoy our time with them.

The weather here has been pretty beautiful lately. Mid seventies, blue skies....i love it. Tomorrow, we are supposed to go to a big "field-day" like event for McDonalds, but it is supposed to rain, so i'm not sure if we will or not. Hopefully it won't rain. If it doesn't, me, steve, and rai will have a fun day together.

Well, i guess that's about it for now. Hopefully i will remember to hop on here more often. Until then, 3 things i am thankful for today are:
1. My father. It's his birthday today and i've been thinking about him alot today. He is such a wonderful role-model who lives out his love for God and obedience to Christ in his daily life and i am sooo proud to be his daughter. I hope one day that people will look to me the way they do to my dad. I love him very much.
2. Warm weather. It was so cold for so long, it is so great to feel warmth on my skin
3. The gym...i lost three pounds and have been working out and it feels great


  1. Way to Go Michele. Miss you. Lots to do. We need to get together soon. Hugs.

  2. Hi my little girl, I love you very much. It looks like we inspired each other to do a little writing. We are looking forward to seeing ya'll this summer. I am proud of you for all your accomplishments and what you are becoming. You are definitely God's miracle child and the woman we knew you were destined to be. Yes, stay off the cell phone when you are driving!
    Luv ya, Dad.