Friday, February 25, 2011

What's Up

Last year around this time was about the last time that i actually diligently wrote on my blog about what goes on in my and my family's life. Since this is supposed to be a place where my Florida family can keep up with what goes on over here in Delaware, and since this is also a kind of journal for me to keep track of what goes on in my life (because of my memory problems, i won't remember it unless it's documented), i really am going to try to write on here at the very least once a week. I spent some time going over some of my old blogs and it was nice to remember some things that i had already forgotten.

So, what's up lately with the Furman family?
Well, Steve is doing very well in his job. His store is closing down next month to get a total rebuild, so he will be busy giving other stores the benefit of his expertise. His boss has already told him that he will be up for promotion sooner rather than later. He is involved in a few committees, which enables him to get his name out there to be seen by the big-wigs. And we are hoping that he will very soon get a company car ( we pray that this will happen sooner rather than later-no car payment, no gas to buy, no insurance, what a relief that would be for our finances...pray, pray, pray). I am extremely proud of my hubby and the hard work he does both at his work and as a dad and husband. Now, if i could just get him to pick his clothes up off the floor! jk, that's the least of it. He is a hard worker and i love him very much and appreciate his drive to be the best he can be.

I started my sixth semester of college about 5 weeks ago and am looking forward to actually getting a job in which i can use all the skills i have been learning. Actually, i am very nervous about entering the work world again after the 15 year hiatus i have taken in order to raise the kids. But i know that once the newness wears off, i will love it. This semester i am taking three classes, and i have decided (i think) to add the four classes and one extra internship i need in order to graduate with two separate degrees--one in Human Services and one in Drug and Alcohol Counseling--because it will help me to get a better job. Two of the classes for the second degree are VERY difficult, so i'm not 100 percent positive that i will actually do it, but i probably will. The past four years have been all about me doing things that are outside of my comfort zone, and this is just one more time i will have to stretch myself.
I have a class with Erin this semester (Spanish 1) which is great because i get to spend an evening with my daughter, but yucky because it is a very hard class. I am in the last year of home-schooling Rachel and, as of right now, we are in a bit of a mid-year rut. But, we are adding some new curriculum for Bible and Grammar and Writing in a week, and we are starting a new schedule next week, so hopefully that will give us a fresh start.
Rachel and i joined a gym last month, but have only been averaging 2-3x a week attendance, so we need to do better in that area too....summer is coming soon!

Erin began her college career last summer and is doing well in her classes. I will say that she does NOT like college, which is surprising to me because i thought she would. But, she continues to try hard to do well while she decides what she wants to do with her life. Big decisions! It must be very hard on her, but i am very proud of the way she handles both herself and the decisions she has to make. She may not finish college, and i'm ok with that, but she is fearful that her family will be disappointed in her decision. Hopefully she will realize that her decisions will not disappoint us at all. I am proud of the woman she has become, no matter what she decides. I just want her to be happy. And if happy for her is a full time job in an entry-level position, i'm good with that.

Matt is doing well in his Junior year of school. He is still majorly involved with the drama department and is presently working very hard to put on a production of Hairspray next week. He is so busy, i hardly get to see him for more that an hour or two every couple of days. He goes to school at 7, goes to practice till 7pm and then does his homework until he can't keep his eyes open any longer. On top of that, he works all day on the weekends to save up for a car, which i think he will be buying next month. Last semester he had a part in a couple of school productions and two parts in the local theater's production of Annie. I think he was great in all of his parts. He continues to improve his acting/singing/dancing every time i see him perform and i am overwhelmingly proud of him.

Rachel continues to grow both academically and personally, and i'm not being a parrot when i say that i am very proud of her also! She is an independent worker, has a very good attitude, and is a joy to teach (most of the time ;-)). She is looking forward to going to public high school and it is my fervent prayer that she will make lots of friends and do well in her studies. She also plans on joining the drama tract in the school, where her brother will be a senior, and i am looking forward to watching her perform as well.

So that's us in a looooong nut shell.
Hopefully, now that i'm all caught up with who is doing what, it will be easier for me to document the goings' on in our lives.

Tonight i am thankful for:
1. A mother who is there for me, even when Bones is on (insider) ;-)
2. Weekends to catch up on things i should have done during the week
3. New beginnings and the opportunity to learn from mistakes.

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