Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook for the Week of 2/21/2011

FOR TODAY February 22, 2011

Outside my window...Dark and cold...snow on the ground yet again!!

I am thinking...I can't believe the kids had ANOTHER snow day!

I am thankful for...a wonderful night with my husband tonight...he called me for no reason today and asked me out on a date...awwww, so sweet. I love getting along great with my hubby :-)

From the learning rooms...Rachel follows Matt's school calender, when he has a snow day, so does she. So, we are a bit behind, and tomorrow i need to go to school, so we have ALOT of work to do in history, science and grammer this week.

From the kitchen...I was going to roast a pork loin tonight, but went out to dinner i'll be roasting the pork tomorrow instead. Not sure about dinner for the rest of the week though.

I am wearing...two shirts, jeans, two pairs of socks and a big fluffy's cold in here tonight! Heater is set to 63 degrees in order to save on heating costs!

I am creating...the only thing i'm creating at the moment is an assessment and diagnosis paper for my Techniques of Behavioral Change class.

I am going...Class tomorrow, was supposed to stay for an evening meeting, but we are so behind in home-school i just can't do it :-( That will be 3 TUA meetings i have missed, i'm thinking they may kick me out of the society soon, jk. Next year i can participate more. For the rest of the week, i don't think i'm going anywhere in particular.

I am reading...Drug and Alcohol book for school, Case Management book for school, The Wastelands by Steven King for fun, and the book of Numbers from the Bible for our church read-through-the-bible challenge (when i remember :-( )

I am hoping...To be more consistent with my Bible reading this week, to get all my homework done on time, to comprehend my Spanish assignment this week, as i left class early this week, to actually DO all the things on my to-do list this week.

I am hearing..the tv is on for background noise, Rai getting ready for bed, Erin walking around, Matt puttering around in his room--wow, it's after midnight on a school-night and we are all still awake...i think we will all be a bunch of sleepy-heads tomorrow.

Around the house...bought a new area rug for the living's a bit darker and much bigger than the other one we had, i like it. Did a bit of cleaning and laundry today, but the floors need to be mopped and the bathroom cleaned. The Master bathroom needs to get done, we still need to put in the new toilet, paint the walls, and install the new sink/cabinet/mirror combo....maybe during spring break? Can't wait till it's done. Also hoping to get a new king size bed in our bedroom, so we will have to move the furniture around to fit it all in.

One of my favorite things...Shopping!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: study, homework, teach, learn, clean, cook, shop, taxi kids around, and other mommy, wifey, and homeschoolly things :-) Also, talk to MY mommy tomorrow's been quite a while since we had a nice chat, and i miss her big-time!

Here is picture for thought I am my hubby....and looking forward to beach weather!

Have a great week!

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