Sunday, June 26, 2011

Simple Woman's Day Book for the Week of June 26, 2011


Outside my window...Dark, kind of cloudy, a bit was a pretty nice day today

I am thinking...I need to get a tan before i go down to Florida, maybe i will lay out in the sun a couple days this week so i won't look so pasty that my "spray tan" has worn off, lol.

I am thankful...That my children's extra-curricular activities are pretty much done for the rest of the summer and i can enjoy some long, lazy days reading, watching a movie, or even doing some more spring cleaning...let summer begin!

From the learning rooms...see is out for summer :-)

In the made dinner tonight since i was busy with Erin all day, i don't think anybody made dinner yesturday since i was busy with Rachel, we got pizza the night before since i was busy with Rachel, and the other nights i cooked--twice a tried new recipes, and they both tasted yummy. One was pork and apples and carrotts and maple syrup of all things, and the other was beanless chili using cut up beef instead of chopped meat, and i thought that was great :-) I do love experimenting!

I am jeans, blue sleeveless shirt, blue hat, white socks--soon will be wearing pj's...almost bedtime :-)

I am creating...nothing this week i don't think

I am going...i may be going to visit my friend debbie this week, but other than that, i am going NOWHERE for the first time since the kids got out of school, i have a full week with nothing planned.

I am wondering...why my gym card no longer works...which reminds me, i do have to go to the gym a few times this week, that is, if i can get my key card to work.

I am reading...A Praying Life, Desperation, and a few College guides to prepare to guide Matt and help him get done the things he needs to get done to apply for College

I am hoping...this week goes fast so that our Florida trip will be here!

I am looking forward to...Seeing my friend Deb, our 4th of July bbq--we are having some of Steve's work friends come over and Erin's boyfriend and Matt's girlfriend...we don't get a lot of visiters so i'm looking forward to it, and of course, Our Florida Trip

I am hearing...The Tv is on...the fan is whirring, Rachel was talking to me...everyone else is sleeping

Around the house...A bit of a mess since i have been so busy lately, i need to get on that.

I am pondering...a LOT of things that are too weighty for this blog

One of my favorite things...stepping on the scale and seeing a five pound weight loss...Go Me!!! My first goal weight has been achieved...two more goals to reach!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Matt at Boys State--Speaker of the House

Rai in her Dance Costume

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