Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: The One That Brought Our Homeschool Jouney to an End

Wow, i can't believe that the week is over all ready! Seems like just yesturday was monday.

This week was bitter sweet because it was my very last week home-schooling my youngest daughter before she goes off to high school next year. Bitter because i will miss her and sweet because i am looking forward to focusing on finishing my schooling and getting a job!!

Saturday last week, i went to a graduation party for my good friend Chelsea, who graduated college this year. I will miss having classes with her. It's hard to believe that she is only 21, she and i get along really well and i relate to her alot, which either means i have a young soul or she has an old one,lol.

Sunday, i don't think i did anything but sat around all day. Which in theory i love, but when i actually do it, i feel pretty crappy. I did order a washing machine from lowes, since ours was on the brink of dying. I watched t.v pretty much all day and Matt took my car out with him all day as he had to work all day and then had a graduation party to go to....most of his drama friends are graduating this year, so next year is gonna be a bit different for him.

Monday me Steve and Rachel went out to buy Steve a new grill, since his broke over about two years ago, and we wanted to bbq today. While we were out looking, I got a call from Erin, who was home sleeping, that the Lowes delivery truck was there to deliver the washing machine i had just ordered the night before online. Which was weird cause they didn't call me to set up a delivery time. Either way, i love my  new washer!! it is so quiet and it has a bunch of different cool setting that i still need to play with.

Tuesday me and rai did some homescool work and went shopping for groceries. Matt had an extra practice for a show he was helping to put on for Dr. Marchio, who is the superintendent of our schooldistrict, who is retiring this year, so he took the car this afternnon

Wednesday was just another home-school day wrapping up our last week of stuff to do while matt took the car again for a last all-day practice for the Dr. Marchio retirement show.

Thursday Rai and  I had an appointment with her next year's guidance counselor about what classes she will take next year in high school and such.

Friday was our very last day home schooling and rai finsished her last research paper...which i have to say was a great paper. She has come sooooo far since i took her home 2 and 1/2 years ago. I am so proud of both her and me...we have accomplished alot together!!

Satuday, today, Matt went early this morning to take his second round of SAT's and i hope he did as good as he wanted to this time around.

He will be done with school on Monday after he takes his finals. Then he will be done with his junior year and will be a senior next

Well, that's about all i remember for this week. I'm sure much more happened, but my memory escapes me at the moment.  I hope you have a great week!

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