Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Writing about my Week While Watching American Idol

Well, there have been alot of things that i wanted to blog about, but one of the wires that belong to the gadget that keeps my computer from overheating is broken, so my computer keeps overheating and i have stayed away from it. I'm sitting here watching the finale of American Idol, so i thought i would give my computer another try. My dad said that i probably need to dust out and clean out my computer, but i have no idea how to do that, so i am hoping it will not overheat as i write this.
Last Wednesday, the 17th, I went to the Tau Upsilon Alpha (TUA), which is the human services honor society, meeting. Well, actually it was a picnic and a meeting. I gathered up the kids, got a couple buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and went to the picnic. It was a nice little get-together, but not many members showed up because the semester is over and many are away. At the meeting they were voting-in officers, and to make a long story short, I was voted in as President!! So, i am now the president of the honor society. I didn't really know if i should do it, because i do not want to overwhelm myself with too many obligations......but.....president! So, i told the advisors that i would do it for one semester and if it was overwhelming, than i would step down. I am actually excited about this opportunity and have hopes that i will do well.
Thursday was my Dad's birthday. I wish I was there in Florida with him and my mom. I wish I could have made him a home-made german chocolate cake for his birthday. My dad is awesome and one day i may devote a whole post to him and my mom. But, until then, let me just say that I am extremely blessed and proud to have this man as my dad, and i hope to spend alot of his future birthdays with him once I move to Florida.
Thursday night, i went to my bi-monthly Bible study at my church. We are going through the book Lies Woman Believe. It is a great book and i would encourage any woman reading this to go read that book. There are many lies pointed out in this book that i did not even know i was falling for, but i am. The book not only points these lies out, but gives a Truth to replace them with. It is a very good study, and i look foward to going every 2 weeks and spending time with some of the ladies from my church.
Monday was my mother's birthday. Again, i WISH i could be there with her on her birthday(and every day for that matter). Mom had a big surprise birthday party at my sister's house last weekend. I heard that she had a great time and my sister did a great job putting this together for her (may i add that my sister, whom i also miss dreadfully, put together this party during the SAME weekend that she put together a wedding for her son. My sister is superwoman!!) My mother is my soul mate and the one person who knows me best. I can not imagine who i would be without her and thank the Lord all the time that He gave her to me.

We interrupt this blog to bring you this special announcement: CHRIS ALLEN WAS JUST CROWNED AMERICAN IDOL!!!. I have to say that i think America got it all wrong this year. Now, back to our blog

Sunday, we went to church, and then i was sooooo tired i took a 2 hour nap. Nice. Monday, i went to my friend Debbie's house and got to spend a nice time with her when we went out to lunch and had a nice, long talk. We were supposed to go to a flower garden park called Winterhur, but it was closed, so we will try again on Friday. It was a great day with my friend anyway, so that's what counts.
Today, Rachel and I went down to my school so I could apply for some scholarships next year. I have a few more years of school left and already owe alot of money, so a scholarship would be great. I needed an instructor's recomendation, so my human services instructor, and TUA advisor, wrote me a glowing recommendation. It was really nice to see all the nice things he said about me. I hope i get some kind of scholarship. We will see. Then, Rachel and i went to lunch with my friend Courtney and we had a nice afternoon together.
So, that was my week in a nut-shell. Rachel will be done with school June 5th, Matt June 8th and Erin June 10th. Then we are off to Floriday for a few weeks. I CAN NOT WAIT.
There is more to write about, but the computer is getting hot and it's getting late. I am trying to figure out how to scan some pictures to post and share and have a bunch of projects in my head that i need to implement. Right now, however, i need to go comfort erin, who is devastated that Adam did not win American Idol ;)
Today, i am thankful for:

1. Time spent this morning talking to God and reading His word. What a way to start a day!! I would encourage anybody to start their day in this way!

2. Friends

3. Rachel has been outside playing with her old friends and mending some broken relationships with the neighborhood kids she has had trouble with. She really thrives on friendships and it makes my heart sing to see her playing outside again with all the other kids instead of longlingly watching out the window. Thank you, thank you Lord. We really needed to see this answer to prayer. I would ask for prayer that she will be able to keep her fighting spirit from separating her from her friends again. She really flourishes when she has friends to play with.


  1. I have never commented to your post; however, I need to put my 2 cents in. First of all...Erin should not need comforting because KRIS SHOULD HAVE WON!! EVERYBODY believed that Adam would win so I am glad that he didn't. (I was tired of seeing his tongue anyway :) NEXT...I am NOT superwoman..just STUPID (but thanks for the usual). NEXT...I am sooooo proud of you for not only doing so well in school but actually getting involved! I am so proud of the woman you've become and I can't wait until you move down here. I miss and love you very much!!

  2. It is great to read your blog and see how everything is coming together. Only about three more weeks and ya'll will be down here. We are looking forward to seeing you. I think I will try to sit and update my blog. Love you, Dad