Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Which Dress is Best?

So, a while ago i told my sister that i got a couple of dresses for Steve's company holiday party and i couldn't decide which one to wear. So here they are with and without their jackets. Let me know which one you like better, please, because i like them both and i'm still not sure which one to wear. I am leaning towards the red one, but it is a bit low cut. I'll probably keep the jackets on, but if it gets hot and i feel relaxed enough, i may go sleeveless. Thanks for helping me and being kind :-)



  1. The red one is STUNNING!!! I choose that one!!

  2. You are beautiful in both..but my vote is for the RED ONE!! Yes, it is a bit low cut, but you look stunning in it! You will be great "arm candy" for your hubby at his party. :-)

  3. You look amazing in both but I also say the red one.Have a good time.