Thursday, June 11, 2009

God's Hand in our Lives

Well, it has been a while since i posted anything and i figured i should post one more time before i go on vacation. We are leaving in about 4 and 1/2 hours to the airport to fly to Florida. I am so excited. It is 10:30 at night, and i have to be awake at 2:30. I don't even know if i should go to sleep for a few hours or just stay up.
Alot has happened in the past few days and i have been so blessed to see the hand of God working in our lives, so i thought i would share before we go away.
Tuesday was Erin's next to last day of school, so i decided to give her a treat and let her drive to school for her last two days. She had just gotten over having a really bad week because she got her hair all chopped off (the hairdresser messed up!) and had been overwhelmed with all the finals she had to study for and had been studying soooo hard for the past 2 weeks in order to make her dream of becoming valedictorian come true. So, she was all excited to drive to school on tuesday morning. I had gotten up early with her to help her do her hair nice for school and sent her on her way with a kiss, hug and a good luck. I was just laying back down in bed when the phone rang about 20 minutes later.
Erin had gotten into an accident!!! She was pulling out of a gas station and misjudged how far away the truck was and he plowed into her. I could barely understand her, as she was so upset on the phone and did not know what to do next.
I asked her if she was hurt and THANK YOU JESUS she said no, just really shook up and scared. By this time, Steve heard me on the phone and was racing around getting his shoes on and finding his keys and waking Rachel up so we could GO TO MY BABY. Thank you Jesus that Steve was home and we coud race up to where Erin was within five minutes. I stayed on the phone with her long enough to calm her down (a bit) and told her to call 911.
Needless to say, i was in a panic. I did not know what to expect, but i figured if Erin was ok enough to be yelling in panic and sorrow, she could not be really physically hurt.
We got to the scene of the accident and the police were already there. The truck that hit her had pulled over and nobody in there was hurt either. THANK GOD. My car, however, was not so lucky. It turnes out that the pick-up truck was towing a trailer, and when he swerved to avoid hitting Erin, the trailer sideswiped my car and ripped it open like a tuna can. There was no damage to the truck and the trailor only suffered a flat tire.
I hugged all over Erin, took a look at the damage, was told by steve to go sit in the van and he would handle the logistics with the police. By this time it was raining. Erin could not stop crying and saying how sorry she was. At this point, i did not care about anything, as long as my baby was ok, we could deal with anything.
So, the police gave Erin a ticket for inattentive driving :( and told us she would have to go to court because of her age. We got the car towed and brought Erin home.
Well, we were supposed to drive to florida on Thursday and now there was no way for that to happen, so i called the family to let them know what was going on. My sister suggested we look into renting a car. We tried that, but now days you can not rent a car without a credit card, and Steven and I don't have one. So my generous father called and said that he would put the rental car on his credit card. Yay, we were excited because that meant we could still go on our vacation. But, the rental companies won't let one person rent and another drive, so that didn't work out. I was getting really down by the time we finally figured out that we would not be able to rent a car. Steve and I also went to go look at my car at the shop and i saw that there was much more damage to my car than i had originally thought. The insurance company may find that it is totalled and not be able to fix it. So, by the time i saw my car and heard that it may not be fixable, i was VERY down. If you know me at all, you know that before i got my car, i had to stay all alone in the house all day and i lived a very lonely life. So, i started welling up. And i started Praying. I don't know what is gonna happen with the car, but i know that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. And i love the Lord. So, i am trusting that, in the end, it will all be for the good. I am also praying that the Lord will show me what the good is, and also that the Lord will help me to deal with whatever happens in a way that would make Him proud. And show His glory.
So, my dad told us to fly down and put the tickets on his credit. It was a bit more than i would have spent if we drove down, but it will all work out. AND, daddy called yesturday and told me that we would have our own transportation when we get down there so we won't have to rely on others to get us around. YAY. Thank you daddy, and thank you heavenly daddy.
We also were able to see the hand of God when we went to court yesturday. Erin was very nervous and none of us knew what was going to happen. We prayed for comfort and a nice judge:). We got both. The judge basically told Erin that he would dismiss the case if we paid the court fees that day. We were like "of course we'll pay the court fees". She did not get a ticket, nor did she get any points taked off her license, nor will this go on her driving record. The judge told Erin that it was an ACCIDENT, not on purpose. He was very nice and gentle. Thank you Lord! Of course, Erin does have consequences because of this. She will have to pay the court fees and the deductible for the car insurance to fix the car. That means that she will not be able to buy her own car for quite a while. BUT, if she did not have the money saved, we would have had to cancel our vacation to pay for the deductibe. I feel really bad for my baby, because she was so excited about getting her own car, and now she doesn't ever want to drive again. I don't blame her, but she will have to get over it.
This will also effect her senior year because she was going to co-op half a day and do school half a day, but she wont be able to now, unless she makes alot of money this summer pretty quickly.
All-in-all, the main thing is that she is fine. We will still be going to florida (in a couple hours) and life will be waiting for us when we get back from our vacation. But, thank the Lord that we all are going to be together and able to have a great 3 weeks TOGETHER. In the end, being together and healthy is all that really matters.
Today i am thankful for:
1. Erin's safety during her accident
2. My family who spoils me ;)
3. My God, who never ceases to amaze me and show me his involvement in our lives.

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  1. Michele,
    I hope you check you blog while you are in Florida, but if not this comment will be waiting for you when you get back.

    I love you. I am so sorry for what happened to Erin and your car. I am happy you are praying and taking it so well. Praise God that Erin was not hurt. Praise God that you still got to go to Florida.

    Don't give up on Erin working 1/2 days next year, God can work that miracle too if he wants to. If not than hopefully in the long run you will all see his hand in that also and good things will come of her not being able to work those 1/2 days.

    I know how Erin feels about not driving any more. I have had two minor accidents in my lifetime, both my fault and I feel her pain. She will get over it and want to drive again and be more careful for a while, unfortunately that will wear off. We all need to remember to be sooo careful when driving. We need to be more attentive and serious about driving. But, we are also in God's hands and he is in control of our lives and our deaths. Nothing happens to us that he does not know about before hand. Thank God that he sees the end from the beginning and has a firm grip on us and we will not slip out of his grasp!

    I love you,
    I'll miss seeing you while you are in Florida,
    Have a GREAT time,
    see you when you get back,

    oh... other people have been able to view and leave comments on my blog. I have no idea why you can't. I hope you figure it out soon. I miss seeing comments from you on my blog.