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Daybook for the Week of July 31, 2011

FOR TODAY July 31, 2011
Outside my window...dark, starry, warm, summer night :-) It was a very warm day with a slight breeze here and there. I spent the day washing my car inside and out. It looks great and i actually enjoyed the warm day. It took me two hours (it was very dirty, especially the inside) and by the time i was done, i was drenched in sweat!

I am thinking... I can't believe that summer is more than half-way over. I'm not ready for it to end yet.

I am thankful...that i still have three more weeks of summer left before the school year starts again.

From the learning rooms...well, rai and i need to brush up this week on some things that she may have forgotten over the summer because she has an entrance test to take on august ninth that we need to prepare for...i pray that she does well so there are no problems with her high school entrance. Once that is done, all the home-school books can be sold or given away :( maybe we can sell them for enough money to buy the Kitchen Aide machine that Steve and I would like to have ;) or for the Wii fit that i would like to have :0) Either way, it is an end of an era, one that i do not regret but am ready to say good-bye to.

In the kitchen...i haven't done much cooking since i came home on Wednesday from our three week vacation in florida. The pantry and fridge were empty, so i had to do some shopping...i made meat sauce today for dinner and crab-cakes and shrimp for dinner the other night. I do want to do some baking so we have some muchies in the house :-)

I am jeans, brown tank top, black belt...time to get the jammies on soon.

I am creating...nothing...but i do want to start creating scrap-books from the old pictures i have of the kids growing-up years...maybe i should start that little project while i still have three weeks of summer left...time flies, however, and i never get the things done that i plan on doing...

I am going...tomorrowi am taking matt to the eye doctor and then i am taking the kids to see the new Harry Potter movie. Tuesday i have a doctors appointment, after that, i'm not sure if i actually have anywhere else to go....i do want to go to BB's ( a grocery store in PA that has great prices) sometime this week.

I am wondering...if my financial aid for this semester of college has come in yet, and if it will cover all my classes. I'm also wondering if i should switch some of my classes around because i accidentally reserved a vacation rental for Steve and I in Atlantic City for our 25th anniversary on the same days as my first week of classes...duh..

I am reading...Insomnia, by Stephen King...which i have been reading off and on for over a month..i'm thinking about getting some new Ted Dekker books out of the library for some more interesting summer reading...oh, speaking of summer reading, i have to go to the book store to purchase the summer reading book that my kids are supposed to be reading this summer...i really should get it to them before school starts, lol...maybe we will bring back read-aloud-together nights for the next couple weeks so they both can read (or listen to) the book together. Who ever heard of the book "Marcello in the Real World"? I did go to three different book stores in Florida and none of them had the book in stock!

I am hoping...That i will be able to get a nice, part-time job that will allow me to be home when the kids are home and still give me enough time to do well in school...i am really looking forward to entering the work-world again :) AND bringing home some "bacon" lol

I am looking forward to...contributing to the finances of the family!

I am hearing...the t.v. usual at this time of night, the fan, erin talking to her boyfriend.

Around the house...spent the past couple of days doing some semi-deep cleaning. I still need to finish the spring-cleaning, lol. Windows need to get done, walls need to be wiped down, doors should be scrubbed, floors should be mopped, laundry room needs a big scrubbing and organizing, bathroom needs to get painted, my bedroom needs a deep clean--I better get a move on it! After spending weeks at my mom's VERY clean house, i have an urge to get mine to look the same...thanks mommy! lol

I am's see....let me think...*stares of into space for a bit*....nothing, ha-ha-ha :-) *thinks a bit more*.....Oh, yeah, i have been pondering about finding a new church to go to in my old one is just not my "fit" anymore, and, after spending weeks at my mom and dad's house, i have an urge to find a church that i will want to attend every week...not one i only go to out of guilt, but one i look forward to going to again....thanks daddy! lol

One of my favorite things...Sundays used to be one of my favorite things...and i really do want to get back to that...having a church family that feels like family, getting involved, worshipping the Lord, hearing the word of God...really is one of my favorite things. Unfortunately, one of my least favorite things is change, and new things, and being the "new kid on the block". I need to get over it and just take a step. wow, i guess i really have been pondering :-)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Enjoying summer, getting spring cleaning done, doing projects i have put off (?), sitting in the sun and reading a book...ect.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... Scenes from Florida, Family, and Fun:

All the cousins (except for Jayden, who didn't want to pose, lol)

My great-nephew, Breyon (10 months) loves riding on the vacuum :)

Neice-Brittney, Great-nephew-Jayden 4, Neice-Kimberly

Great-neice-Kyleigh Grace, 7 months, and Matt 17, who is a big softie for the babies :-)

Great-neice, Kyleigh Grace, 7 months

Matt and my dad, who is teaching Matt about gun safety :-)

My three crazy kids, having fun in the pool at Grammi and Pop-pop's house!

more pool fun

Erin-19 and Neice Kim, 22...beautiful ladies!

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  1. Nice Post Michele. I looks like you guys had a great time in Florida. I have missed you. I am sure Rachel will do fine on her test. I was sad to read you are not planning on coming back to BFC but glad to hear you are planning to find somewhere you feel comfortable, spiritually fed and ready to get back to going to church weekly. I have missed seeing you. Hope we can get together soon. We are planning a trip to BB's, hopefully this week, also... too funny! Maybe I will see you there!!