Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Two Concerts

Well, the Bon Jovi concerts were both great, but the first one was absolutely awesome! The only thing that could have made it better was if i had my hubby with me. But, being inside the circle (aka, in the "pit"), was the best. I could not believe how great my seats were when i first got there. There were only three rows in front of me, and directly behind me was the the back half of the the stage that the boys would come onto for about 5 songs during the concert. David Bryan, the keyboard player, was like right in front of me, albeit i was staring directly at his backside :-). I mean, i was leaning on the stage! It was incredible! And, on the way back to the main stage, Mr. Jon Bon Jovi SHOOK MY HAND!! Oh man, i thought i would faint! Absolutely incredible. For the next night, Erin had won 2 tickets to the concert, so i got to share my love of Jovi with my eldest. The seats were ALL the way in the back, up in the "nose-bleeds", so it was a little scary at first, but we got into it and i got to watch Tico work his magic on the drums for the first time ever, so that was all good. Now, i see that they are dropping floor seats for the shows at the new Giants Stadium in May, but those seats are like 400 dollars a pop, so i don't think i'll be making that concert. I would like to go to that one with Steve, even in the "nose-bleed" section, I mean going to Giants Stadium to see Jovi is a dream to me, but, finances are tight and we got a lot of things going on, with Erin's graduation, party, and summer travel to think about, not to mention the never-ending medical bills, i may have to wait for next tour. Until then, here are some pictures from my two concerts this tour:

 This is my view of the stage right behind me:

This is how close Jon was to me, too bad the picture is a bit fuzzy:

And this is David:

And these are the only pictures of the second concert of me and Erin:

It was a great two days!
Have a good week.

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  1. It is really great that you had such a good time and that you were able to spend some of it with your daughter. Mom has taken me to two concerts in my entire life and though it was nice it is not my thing. What i really enjoyed was being with my sweetheart. I luv U. Dad