Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Of Kids, Cars, Classes and Church

Wow, it's been a while since i posted anything. My cousin called me last night and reminded me that i have not posted for a while and we don't ALL face-book (thanks for the call, Beth, and the reminder. I really enjoyed chatting with you).
Well, it's been a busy, snowy month. I finished my 16 page research paper on the analysis of the federal government vs.  California state's policy regarding the medicinal use of marijuana. Interesting, but since it had to be done in 3 weeks, it was a huge topic to tackle. I got a 95. Yay! I will say that this is my most unpleasant semester yet. I do not like my two classes that i have on campus. My on-line history class is not so bad, but it can be time-consuming. But, grade-wise i'm doing ok. I tried to resign my presidency from TUA, but my adviser would not accept it. So, i decided to stick it out until spring. It wouldn't be so bad if i had more involvement from the members, but only one or two at a time want anything to do with it. We have some things coming up that will most likely be time-consuming for me--like the induction ceremony for new members, the changing of the bylaws, and an upcoming conference that i am actually looking forward to. After this semester, i will still be involved, but NOT as an officer.
My most exciting news is that i got a new car. I am sooooooo happy. And i did it all by myself. Well, except for the signing of the paperwork, which my husband had to do because he has the job. But, i went to where we bought our other cars because he has helped us in the past and i semi trust him. I told him what i needed, how much we had to spend, and picked a car that i liked. I sat for hours while the paperwork and financing stuff got done. I test drove the car and fell in love with it. Thank God the financing came through. So, I called Steve, he came down to sign the papers the next day, and I drove away in my 2005 fire-engine red Chevy Cobalt. It only has 54000 miles on it and it drives really nice. They also fixed Erin's car, which was squealing often and loudly, and fixed her door handle so she can now open it from the outside. I felt very productive by the end of the week. And now i have the freedom to go wherever i want or need without having to check with my teen-aged daughter first. Thank you God!
The kids have all been doing well. Jessica, Erin's best friend, has been living with us for a few months. She is a very sweet girl and i have loved her like a daughter for 2 years and enjoy having her here. She is good company for both Erin and Rachel and is a pleasure to me. Erin is gearing up to graduate in the spring and is still debating college. She knows that it is in her future's best interest to go, but she really wants to be done with school. Nevertheless, we filled out her FAFSA last night and will be starting to apply to the local college soon. She is eligible for the SEED scholarship, which enables all seniors with at least a 2.5 GPA to get their associates degree for free. That is a great opportunity that I hope she takes. If not, she will very shortly be introduced to what life can be like only making minimum wage.
Matt chose not to play basketball, but decided to go out for the school play. He is a singer/dancer in the musical White Christmas and has been working hard for weeks. This week is the last week before the first performance and is appropriately called hell week because he is at practice until at least midnight and then gets up for school at 6. Add to that the fact that he also has a part time job and homework and you will see why he is not always in a jovial mood lately. I am really looking forward to watching to play on opening night (this Friday) and can't wait to see him in his costumes dancing across the stage.
Rachel is still improving with her work in school at home. I do worry that she does not have enough outside stimulation and social opportunities, but now that i have a car, we can get involved again with the home schooling network. She will remain home for one more year and then go to high school. I pray that i am doing enough to prepare her for that time, but i always feel that i am not doing enough in this area of my life. Definitely room for improvement.
Last night the town of Middletown  decided that it would be a good idea to work on the electricity from the hours of 12 and 4 in the morning. So, I went to go pick Matt up at midnight and, as i was driving home, the whole town went black! The house was dark and quiet for hours and i could not sleep because i was nervous that something would happen during the blackout while i was sleeping (like a robber or something). So, i stayed awake on the couch with a flashlight and some candles and a book and some music from my mp3 player. Steve was at work. The power finally came on close to 4 in the a.m., so i went to sleep. I got up at 10, so i am a little tired today. And i have to sit through a very boring social policy class tonight where most of the time is spent listening to the students banter back and forth about things that are not really relevant.
I have been playing with my hair lately trying to get it to look a certain way, which was a bad idea because now i have to wear a pony tail for a few weeks until it grows back out because i cut it a little wrong. Oh well, you live and you learn. I won't be doing that again.
Oh, and we had our cable turned off in order to try to save some money (that bill was like 70 dollars a month) so it has been a little more quiet around here than normal. I kind of like it because it forces some of us to get off our behinds and do something productive (mostly me, he-he).
So, that's about all the news for now, except that Bon Jovi is on tour right now and i am dying to go to the philly concerts, but the tickets are just toooo much this time around :( I hate being financially responsible sometimes. But, i could either have front row seats at one 2 1/2 hour concert or a car. I wisely chose the car, but my heart still wants those seats, lol.
Hopefully life will settle down for me and I can start getting out of the house more often and socialize more than i have been. It's been a little lonely lately, but my friend Debbie already invited me back to Bible Study and an afternoon at her house, the only drawback being that i have to get up at like 7 am (sorry mom that is early for me) But it will be worth it. I also plan on getting myself back into church, and am looking forward to working on my walk with the Lord, which also needs a little shove in the right direction. What a relief that God waits for us. I miss talking with Him and reading His word, which has nothing to do with my lack of church going, but sometimes for me the two tend to go together. Drop one, drop the other, and the next thing i know my relationship with the Lord is not was it was meant to be. Get up, brush off, try again ;) I can do that. I am at my best when I am strong in my relationship with Him.
That's about it, i will try to post more often. Have a great week.
Today i am thankful for:
1. My car
2. Sleep
3. Friends
not necessarily in that order, lol.


  1. Hey Michele,
    Glad to be able to catch up with you via the blog. Hope to soon see you in person. I don't know if you are thinking about going to Bible Study this week or not, with Matt's play on Fri. night, but I wanted to let you know that I might not be there because I still don't have a ride. It seems to be getting more and more difficult to get a ride and I miss about every other meeting. Oh well, at least every other meeting is better than none.

    I am sorry that you hate your classes. I don't know if it is any consolation but I had the same problem in college. I had some required classes that I hated. I guess everyone does. At least you are getting good grades. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you soon at church, Bible study and here at my house.

  2. Hi to my darling, younger daughter. It was so good to read your blog. So wonderful to see how good you are doing. Yes, i would encourage you to work on your walk with the Lord. I continue to need to work on that in my life. My daily prayer and desire is to see that in my girls. I am soooo happy about your car! Now I have to get my bu__ in gear and write a blog. We had a GREAT vacation and i need to write about it. Unfortunately I am starting to feel my age more each day and don't take the time to do what i really need to do. I LOVE YOU!!